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Building a Lifestyle Network

March 23, 2022

Public transportation can do more than serve 9-5 commutes—and doing so will be game-changing for our climate, social equity, and quality of life in the Philadelphia region. 

Enter: Building a Lifestyle Network. This short new guide explains how each of SEPTA’s ongoing projects, from Bus Revolution and Reimagining Regional Rail to Trolley Modernization, King of Prussia Rail, SEPTA Key 2.0, and more, are working towards that vision. 

SEPTA Forward, SEPTA’s Strategic Plan, imagines a transit network that can be easily and reliably used for any sort of trip – whether that be commuting, everyday errands, or leisure activities. To achieve that vision, each of SEPTA’s ongoing projects is guided by the principles of a Lifestyle Transit Network: a network that is frequent, easy to use, and integrated across SEPTA modes and other transit agencies like PATCO and Amtrak.  

Transit does the most good when it is convenient and reliable enough to be used for a variety of needs, connecting more people to more jobs, reducing carbon emissions, making car ownership unnecessary, and improving quality of life for everyone. Building a Lifestyle Network explains how SEPTA is working towards a transit network that will deliver these benefits. Check out the short report here.

Also new from SEPTA Planning: Updates to SEPTA Metro Wayfinding recommendations. We’ve made new progress in our effort to redesign the SEPTA system map, signage, and line names to make using SEPTA easy and intuitive for everyone. Learn about the feedback we received on the SEPTA Metro Wayfinding recommendations this past fall, and learn how we’re planning to modify our recommendations based on that feedback. Check it out here > >