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Line of the Week

Line of the Week: 102

March 29, 2021

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This week we are exploring one of SEPTA’s Suburban Trolley Lines, the 102. SEPTA’s 102 travels from 69th Street Transportation Center to Sharon Hill. It's 5.3 miles long and shares tracks with the 101 through Drexel Hill Junction and then splits off to begin its own path to Sharon Hill.

The 102 runs southeast from Drexel Hill Junction through Drexel Hill and Clifton Heights and then goes into the street in Aldan. After Aldan, it returns to its own right-of-way, then passes through Collingdale before terminating at Chester Pike in Sharon Hill. The 102 has double tracks until up to North Street in Collingdale, where the 102 returns to its own right-of-way, and after North Street, there is a single track until the end of the line.

On a typical weekday, SEPTA’s 102 travels 668 miles. This busy line connects with the Market-Frankford Line, the Norristown High Speed Line, and 18 different bus routes at 69th Street Transportation Center. It also connects with Clifton-Aldan Station on SEPTA’s Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line.

The 102, or Sharon Hill Line, was originally built by the Philadelphia and West Chester Traction Company in March of 1906 and is one of the remaining Red Arrow Trolley Lines. The 102 uses Kawasaki Heavy Industry Rolling Stock Company K cars; similar to the one’s used on the Subway-Surface Trolleys.  However, the 102 Trolley cars are double-ended and use pantograph instead of trolley poles.

If you're planning on riding - there are a few things you don't want to forget.

  • You'll want to remember your SEPTA Key! This is your "key" to not just the 102, but to all of SEPTA! If you're using your SEPTA Key, fare will be $2, your first transfer will be free and your second transfer will only be $1. Not only that, but children under the age of 12 ride free when accompanied by a fare-paying adult!  And now, you can buy a Three Day Convenience Pass which is ideal for individuals who travel on SEPTA less than 5 days a week and visitors and tourists enjoying a multiple day stay in Philadelphia. The cost is $18 and it's good for 24 trips over 72 consecutive hours. Time starts with your first tap. It is meant for one rider. You can read up about fares here. And if you've never ridden the trolley before, check out this informative video on How to Ride and check out our Guide to Ride!

  • Don't forget your mask! This isn't just to keep you safe, it's to keep everyone who rides SEPTA safe! Make sure your mask is covering both your mouth and your nose.

  • And finally - don't forget to keep social distance!

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