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Take a Virtual Tour with Mural Arts

October 9, 2020

On Thursday, October 22, 2020, join Mural Arts Philadelphia on a virtual ride through one of their most iconic mural tours, A Love Letter for You by Steve ESPO Powers.

Featuring 15 of 50 murals along the Market-Frankford Line, this virtual mural tour is offered by a live professionally-trained tour guide. These murals write an open-ended love letter from the artist to his hometown, from an individual to a neighborhood, from one lover to another.

Cost is $15 but you save 10% when you enter discount code SEPTA at checkout.

Powers, a West Philadelphia native now based in New York, is a former graffiti writer who became an established studio artist, illustrator, and Fulbright scholar. In Powers’ own words, Love Letter is “a letter for one, with meaning for all” and speaks to all residents who have loved and for those who long for a way to express that love to the world around them. He considers the project “my chance to put something on these rooftops that people would care about.”