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SEPTA is a Non-Smoking Transit System

August 1, 2023

ICYMI SEPTA partnered with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health on a NO SMOKING CAMPAIGN.

The “Respect the Ride” campaign discourages smoking on the system, provides a text-to-tip number to report smoking in SEPTA stations and on SEPTA vehicles directly to SEPTA Transit Police, and reminds everyone that we all deserve a smoke-free ride.

Have you seen the campaign while riding SEPTA?

Smoking on SEPTA is prohibited - but enforcement can be challenging and some individuals may still choose to ignore the rules. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in legal consequences and fines for those involved. 

Here are some of the concerns associated with smoke exposure on the system:

  • Smoking in or near SEPTA vehicles can increase the risk of fire incidents - putting passengers and employees at danger. Smoking in confined spaces increases the risk of fire accidents due to unintended ignition of flammable materials or careless handling of smoking materials. It can also lead to unintended track fires.

  • Secondhand smoke can leave residue on surfaces - leading to increased maintenance costs for cleaning and repairing vehicles or infrastructure.

  • Smoking and the smell of smoke on public transit can negatively affect all passengers and employees. Creating an unpleasant environment affecting their overall travel experience.

SEPTA can’t do it on its own. We need our riders' help! Report any smoking in a station and/or on a vehicle anonymously by texting SEPTA Transit Police at 215-234-1911 or by using the SEPTA Transit Watch App. The more we know when and where violations occur - the more we can do to keep SEPTA a smoke-free transit environment.

It is essential for us here at SEPTA to make sure all customers feel comfortable while riding the SEPTA system. Let’s look out for our fellow Philadelphians - and respect the ride!!