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Why Philly?

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The recent Amazon bid highlighted Philadelphia’s best characteristics including our top-ranked universities, tech talent, diversity, awesome food, affordability, museums, music, parks, and accessibility. And it got us thinking... why Philly? We know what moves you [SEPTA] but what keeps you here? We received hundred of entries telling us why you love Philly. Check out some of them below:

Odhran: Philadelphia is a city of dreams. It allows you to experience history, immerse yourself in an unparalleled fan base, and enjoy some delicious food. This is my home and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Natalie: I love Philly because of its small-town feel and big town heart.

John: I PHILLY... because this is the most magical city in the world. I am in love with the culture, cuisine, the character of this city. Philadelphia is such a vibrant place that epitomizes what it means to be alive. There is never a lack of things to do or new experiences to explore. It’s a place that brings people together when so much of the rest of the world is focused on tearing people apart. I PHILLY because I am home, and I couldn’t imagine my life without this remarkable place.

Neil: I came to Philly to be closer to friends and family. I found a much richer home than I expected, even though I knew the city had a lot to offer in culture, education, and business. People here love what they do, whether it's nerdy burlesque, rooting for the Eagles, building apps, or all of the above.

Krupa: May 1st, 2015 marked College Decision Day. It was just another due date for me, and being the procrastinator I am, I unhappily filled out my deposit to the school I was going to spend the next few years in. I dreaded every second of it. I went to school looking around all at all the seniors, beaming with joy, showcasing the various colleges they were to attend - New York University, University of Florida, University of California LA. ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘look at all these snobby kids getting to live my dream. I was sick of suburban Philadelphia. I was born here, grew up here, and I realized that day...maybe I am meant to grow old here too. It was not fair. I understand we did not have the means for me to go to a college in a different state, but I just wanted to escape this boring little town. I knew staying close to home meant that I could commute and take out less loans. So that is why on March 1st, 2015 I committed to Drexel University. Prior to committing, I had not gone to Philadelphia...ever. Seventeen years in the suburbs and I had not stepped a foot in the city. Everything changed on July 4th, 2015. I went to Ben Franklin Parkway for the Fourth of July concert. I took a train from Lansdale to Suburban Station with a group of friends. As soon as I stepped out onto Arch Street, I looked in all directions I possibly could have. It was a MAZE...but more so it was aMAZE-ing. Big buildings as far as the eye can see and flags of countries I could not even recognize lining up the parkway. A plethora of people in all directions. I wondered where they have come from, where they have been, what they are doing there, what is their story, and who they are. So many many many things to do. That was when my journey in Philadelphia started and I have been a proud Philadelphian for three years and counting now. As a junior at Drexel, I have been to so many places in Philadelphia. I was wrong, and I was so happy I was wrong. I go to University City everyday and travel to different places during the weekends. I see people of many backgrounds of different ages, cultures, religions. I grow as a person embracing the various arts and entertainment and life lessons I encounter every day. I become stronger each day, and I become more educated and closer to my goal of becoming a Physician Assistant and working at a Philadelphia hospital. I see random acts of kindness. I see passion and perseverance and hard work. I see LOVE, and from the bottom of my heart, I know Philadelphia is home for it is where my heart belongs.  Melody  I love Philly because of the positive vibes I get from certain people as I travel every day. Philly makes you feel like you're part of a big family. The constant love and support I get from my friends and my coworkers make me want to never leave.

Cynthia: Philly is the first home I've known since emigrating here at the young age of three. It is brotherly love. It is supportive. It is hungry. For winning. For amazing food. For diversity.

Ann: Full of friendly people. Smiles are freely given to passerbys. Historical places,  such as Liberty Bell. Most of all Philly is diverse and we all get along, for the most part.

Rita-Anne: Born and raised in Philly, I love this city for its arts and culture, it's sports teams and change of seasons. I love that Philly has a lot to offer without feeling overwhelmed. And if you want to get away, the shore, the mountains, NYC/B'more/DC are each about 2 hrs away! To me, Philly is the nucleus of the East Coast!

Jacklin: To me, Philly is the perfect blend of urban and suburban, of city-life and a home-y feel. Whether you're a foodie, an environmentalist, a marathoner, a lover of the arts, a businessperson, an animal lover, or a student - the city's multi-faceted neighborhoods truly provide something for everyone. From the dog parks in Northern Liberties to the business district in Center City to the cheesesteaks in South Philly, the city caters to all of these people and then some. Lots of cities like to boast that they cater to all of these different types of people, but it's often at the expense of feeling lost- like you don't belong. Philly has that little something extra (a dash of brotherly love), that truly makes the city feel like home- to everyone.

Eric: I love Philly for the amazing long-standing punk rock scene. From the 1980’s Dead Milkmen to the contemporaries like Sheer Mag. Philly’s music scene rocks!!!

Tracey: Well for me, living in Philly all my life has to be the people.   We have all kinds of people here.  Philly changed a lot since I was a kid.  It's still an awesome place. SEPTA gets me and my family around the town. To the parades, museums and the Zoo.  Thanks, SEPTA!!

Trina: With the entire city intertwined by SEPTA, you're able to reach all parts of the City of Brotherly Love: Penn's Landing with its ice rink and Franklin Fountain, Center City with its shops and bars, University City with its diverse campus life and innovative creations, South Philly with its pop stars and athletic accomplishments (Go Birds!!), and North Philly with me and the school that I love, Temple University. Temple has given me more opportunities than I can imagine. Beyond my best friends and my other half, I have studied on campus and abroad on scholarships I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. Living in Philly has allowed me to work at the first pediatric hospital in the country and to pursue my dream of being a pediatrician. I can't imagine being anywhere else and be as happy as I am now. Thank you, Philly, and thank you, SEPTA, for letting me travel through this wonderful city of cheesesteaks and brotherly love :)

Wanda: Why do I love Philly? Because this is the most forgiving City I know. From the Eagle loses to the bad neighbors and road rage, Philly truly is the City of Brotherly love and SIster.

Stephanie: I am originally from New York, but I love Philly because it is so rich with history and beauty. All you have to do is look. From the trail of the underground railroad on Germantown Avenue to the bell of liberty in Center City there's so much to see, so much to do. I've had a chance to sample some of the best eateries, the nightlife is amazing and the bars make some pretty good drinks. I've been here 24 years and SEPTA has gotten me where I needed to go. It's convenient, you don't need to worry about parking and your trans pass becomes an anywhere pass on the weekend. Thanks, Philly.

Charles: Philly... is where it started & Philly is the future. Historic, sports loving, the arts, universities, the food, & us! The people!

Marie Mika: Because I live in Philly and there are lots of nice places to go here.

Mark: I was born here. The magic of Philly is always in the air. The history, the scene, the people. This is a city that loves to love. Loves to inspire, it loves creativity.  It has a heartbeat like no other. E why Philly? Just look around.


P - the People are friendly but unforgiving. If you cross them or their circle, you’re donezo. If your friendly, you’ll have a friend for life.

H - the Holidays. Philly does the holidays all out. Whether it’s Christmas village in love park, the Thanksgiving parade. Kelly express. And of course the mummers! There’s always a reason to party on any given holiday in this city!

I - INDEPENDENCE! The Declaration of Independence was signed here. You’re welcome America.

L - the LGBT community. The gayborhood is a Philly must. The best part is- the mayor is heavily involved and whe racism and hate crimes take place - we show up for our queer siblings. And we’ve got Outfest, the largest national coming out day celebration!

L- Longwood Gardens. Need to escape and see some awesome flowers and fountains? Have no fear, Longwood gardens is here for you!

Y - YOU! You make Philly what it is.

Joseph: I have been visiting Philly my whole entire life from class trips in Elementary school to the Franklin Institute and Independence Hall to the spectacular sports venues we have (whether we win or lose, we all stick with our guys) to my adult life where I celebrated so many momentous occasions such as 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, engagements, weddings, my friend's children being born here. The parking wars with the PPA, (we all have a story and have all cursed them out) to finding new friends on the El or the trolley. I just love Philly. We truly are the city of brotherly love and we are here for another (unless you're a Dallas fan, you're on your own). This is why I stay in the Philly region. The memories are what make it so much fun for me, things like the museums, getting kicked out of Dillworth park at 3am, introducing outsiders to a cheesteaks for the first time, sitting on the Schuylkill expressway even though frustrated it's a shared experience with your comrades, taking part and being there for the wins and losses of the Philly sports. It's the love/hate relationship we have while traveling down the shore, dealing with tourists, and trying to make it in the best city.

Reeba: I didn't expect to stay in Lansdale when my family moved here in 2001. Growing up outside the city, in the cushy suburbs, I wasn't exposed to much as a first gen immigrant. I had a privileged lifestyle, rode the bus to school, had new textbooks to learn from, and had a car to drive to school my senior year of high school. When I chose to attend Drexel, my parents were ecstatic. I'd be nearby and always home. I spent more and more nights away from home and in the city. I'd take the El to City Hall and beyond just to walk around an admire the buildings, businesses, and events. What I appreciate seeing the most were the people. People who looked like me, people who talked to me, people who lived their lives as if there wasn't a problem in the world. I admired the diversity in Philadelphia. Seeing more than just white faces, but black and brown ones, made me feel at home. I feel united in this city.

Eric: Philly is the most accessible City for people with disabilities. I use an electric wheelchair and the curb cuts and SEPTA wheelchair accessible vehicles make it possible for me to navigate safely around town.

Pamela: I was born here. Love it here. Love it when people come to visit. Love helping visitors get around town. Love SEPTA!!!! Philadelphia is a great town with so much to offer residents and visitors! Philadelphia is my town!

Rebecca: Philadelphia (Philly) is my home.  Should be your home.  Home of much and all connected via SEPTA system.  Yes not perfect timing or conditions but perfectly covering all parts of Philadelphia easily getting as quick as possible to events -places, work and shopping and to see folks enjoy outings, meals, and history!   Life in Philly brings hope pride and dignity to all.  The brotherly love they say and I agree.  Respectfully we are proud Americans so aware of how liberty started here and stays here to shine to the world!  All can find a place in the city limits to call home.  Within walking distance is stores our schools and culture.  I think often when riding the el of ROCKY and now off Leigh Avenue parts where filmed sparking pride and inclusion.  I want to be able to stay we stay strong.  And insight of plight we care and even shed a tear for our fellow man often alone fragile addicted or just lost because all we might have is a prayer but we do care!  I care that you find the truth in these words often today and tomorrow in and around Philadelphia.  We happy we know and are really the place to be to relax and grow and move and live.  Like Ben Franklin, we have a kite to take flight on a warm or cool or cold blustery night under a bridge off the river's edge where cars fly by hurrying to see our hopes alive today.  Today I embrace you whom I say is not faceless just mask by some who fear much but only because they put up their guard.  Please let Philly guard you as you make your way this day.  Our police and officials have you in their care.  Come Now - Come soon to this part of history you are a welcomed GUEST!!!"

Nicholas: I've been here in Philadelphia for just over 3 years now and what keeps me here is that this is a city of neighborhoods. Whether it's my home in East Falls, Fishtown, Center City, Pennsport, Point Breeze or Rittenhouse Square, among the dozens of other neighborhoods, the feel of Philadelphia to me is more that it's a large town as opposed to one of the most populous cities in the United States. I may not be from here, but this is now definitely my home.

Elizabeth: I love our city so much to do n see and SEPTA gets you anywhere in the city so no need to drive. Just sit back and leave the driving to them.

Kevin: Who doesn't love a culture that's a little bit... different? Those founding fathers disrupted the world as it was then known when they convened in Philadelphia and dared to declare their independence, and the city has continued to march to the beat of its own drum ever since.  From cheesesteaks to top-rated restaurants, from Fringe to the Academy of Fine Arts, from the Mummer museum to the Mütter, and from scrapple to big little breweries, Philly does not stop to ask your opinion, we just keep on turning out exactly what we love and what the world wants.  Philly used to be called the “workshop of the world,” but I prefer to think of us as l the Weirdshop of the World—just a little bit different and proud of it!

Imani: Philadelphia is such a unique city that includes so many niche settings so everyone has their own pace and style of vibe. From the thriving art scene and eclectic vibes, the hustle and bustle of downtown, excitement for students getting acclimated, and the changes, developments, and ever-important need for representation in our neighborhoods, Philadelphia has so many sides to be appreciated, valued and nurtured.

Kristin: Philadelphia is unlike no place else for its rich history of the birthplace of our country. New, outrageous ideas about what this land should become were debated in Philadelphia and it's surrounding counties. These founding ideas and principles are still in place today. The opportunity to make our dreams a reality is what keeps me in Philadelphia and is the spirit of our nation.

Christine: The City of Philadelphia represents unity, love, diversity.  Philly sets examples and that's why SEPTA gives back to the customers in what the city gives them.  Philly is a fun place to live and enjoy the all the dynamics of excitement it has to offer. When riding SEPTA I see all these things that represent why not Philly.  I don't think there's no other place that can do it like Philly...especially when we have the best team in NFL...GO EAGLES!

Elizabeth: I chose Philadelphia because it became my home away from home when I did my undergrad at Temple University. This is the city where I met my lifelong friends. I moved back home for one year and couldn’t stay away from this city long and now I am completing my Master’s degree here as well and am back where I belong. There are so many great aspects of this city and you can always find something to do. Philadelphia has my heart and always will.

Cory: The quick train from Exton to Philly moves me -- my girlfriend spending the day with me in Philly keeps me there.

Ellen: Why Philly?  Well, because there is so much to do.  I work in Philly during the week and enjoy the diversity in my classroom.  I love to bring my family into Philly on occasion on the weekends to experience the city; Reading Terminal Market, the Christmas light show, the museums.  There's so much to do!

Joseph: The people are what keep me here in Philly!  Our heritage from the colonial days to the present - this really is the city of brotherly love!

Lana: Philly is my home, it has always been and will always be my home. Philly has a lot of nice attractions and it’s easy to get around, I use SEPTA to go everywhere, we have great food especially cheesesteaks and pretzels!

Rhiannon: Why do I do Philly? I was born here back in 1992. I’ve lived here my whole life. My parents have lived here (and still do) their whole lives. This city has history, food, entertainment not a lot of cities do.

Adiel: I cannot imagine a city where I feel safer as an LGBT person, getting an education at the country's most LGBT-friendly university, knowing that I have a mayor fighting actively for my right to raise a child with my same-sex partner in the Gayborhood and beyond.

Meg: There is no place on the planet like My Philly. We will cheer on your great accomplishment then boo you on your next at-bat. Please don’t send in another hitchhiking robot.

Jamie: The energy in this city is amazing! All different types of people from all walks of life give Philly the magnetic energy that drew me to expand my wellness practice to last year & it did NOT disappoint! This Jersey girl will always have a deep love for Philly!

Joshua: Passion and pride in the city

Shea: Where do I start? Words don't even describe Philly. The amazing community and environment that surrounds you in Philly is absolutely remarkable and can't be found anywhere else in the world. It really is a microcosm she of the world that you get to experience especially for me at such a young age. I just started at Roman Catholic high school down at broad and vine, and every day I take the SEPTA train down. After school, I don't want to leave and head back home. Everywhere you look you see friendship and love being spread and it's truly amazing. The beautiful skyline, independent hall, it's tremendous how much time and effort went into making this perfect place, but it really did pay out in the long run. My favorite place to go in the city is 13th and Vine. From there I could honestly just stand there for hours looking at all of the buildings. People come from all over the world to get a chance to get the experience of our city because you can't get it anywhere else. If you walk around the city for a day, you will probably see almost 1000 people taking photos of the most random things, and that's how you know what an amazing place it really is. You asked, "Why Philly?" But it's not even a choice I have to make, it was kind of just given to me, so I could have just given it up and not loved and cherished the beautiful things about my city or I could stay there for the rest of my life and every day just keep mesmerizing the beauty, I think we all know which one I chose to live with.

Alfred: Philly. It is the town where I was born, the town where I walked for the first time and the town where I spoke for the first time. This town is important to me because it is full of memories of my childhood. When most people hear the word Philly they may think about the art museum and rocky but when I think to hear the word Philly it makes me think of the many cultures and wonderful people that are in this city. Some examples of these people are John Coletran who was interested in music and interested in music such as John Coletran and comedians such as Chris Hart. My dream for the future is to become talented like these people and represent this incredible city.

Joia: I could never imagine living anywhere but Philadelphia. We are the birthplace of democracy. There is no America without Philadelphia. We are a passionate people, with a great restaurant scene, fantastic museums, and crazy levels of diversity of both race and thought. We are high class, low class, and middle class. We have a fantastic parks system and libraries that are walking distance to most of the populace. We have fantastic works of public art, great holiday celebrations, and two beautiful rivers that make for fantastic photo taking opportunities. I'd never live anywhere else.

Michelle: There is a certain fullness one feels within – like the feeling after a home cooked meal or the sensation of being loved. This fullness saturates the heart and soul, creating a sense of blissful overflow. Few situations can incite this feeling, but when it happens, it is appreciated that much more. What fills my soul, produces an overabundance of joyful emotion, is Philadelphia. The city with so much history of its own has sculpted my entire life, and how I have evolved individually. All 26 of my years have been molded by numerous neighborhoods and whiz with. Born and raised as a Philadelphian has developed not only my accent when asking for a glass of wooder, but has also established a certain strength in me, for which, to Philadelphia, I am forever grateful. In this city, our cohesive pride allows us to move as one. When disaster strikes, our resilience conquers any trial or tribulation knocking at our door. Our neighbors are undoubtedly our greatest protectors, as we look out for one another like family. Like the row homes that make up our city, we are a tightknit family, standing side by side, allowing nothing to break our spirit. Philadelphia is brimming with educational resources, driving its citizens to excel in all fields and always strive for more. Our intellect is only surpassed by our passion. From our sports teams to the food we grab after a game, nothing is given less than 100% when it comes to what we love. We know there is nothing we cannot achieve. We are the Bullies who Bleed Green; the Fightin’ who Trust the Progress. We are Philadelphia.

Elizabeth: A week ago, a man began singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah at the corner of 17th and Walnut and my friend Kate and four people who were passing by decided to join in. Last month, everyone ignored the kids practicing their drum routine on South Street. Once, I laughed in delight when I saw a SEPTA conductor on the Paoli/ Thorndale line with a blinking lobster tie, and another I sat on the quiet ride car to Mt. Airy ignoring chatty the teens with glitter lip balm who eventually found their way to another car. The day after my grandfather died, a man who looked just like him sat next to me on the 33 bus. Though we exchanged no words, I felt at peace. Everyone adapted to the movement of the Love Park sign and high fived in front of Amor. Once I took the relationship advice of a woman in a fur coat on the 17 bus talking to her sister on the phone. My students laugh at my corny jokes, and at home I cry sometimes over their hardships and beauty of their persistence. I am within walking distance of four of my closest friends who know my apartment will never quite be clean, and I will always run out of sugar. They don’t mind. Philly is a city where an introvert like me can enjoy watching the beautiful quirkiness emerging around me, and it is a city-wide community that embraces me when I need to join in. A friend once asked if I could live anywhere in the world, where would it be. The answer was Philadelphia, exactly where I am.

Andrew: I love the city and taking SEPTA transit to different locations its very convent

William: I love Philly because the people are so friendly

Kevin: What keeps me in Philly is the rich culture. Philly thrives in diversity, arts, food, shops, and transportation throughout the city. Recently Philly hosted several major events (i.e. Made in America, Pope Visit, NFL Draft and DNC) that was broadcasted nationwide putting Philly on the map.  Also, Philly continues to show growth in the job market and real estate. I will never leave Philly.

Stephanie: I love Philly because of the limitless things to do, see and eat! The history of the city provides so many opportunities to step back in time and explore our nation's history. Even if you have lived here for many years, there are always new stories to hear in the diverse neighborhoods. New shops, restaurants, museums and cultural experiences pop up every year, which means the city is never boring. The food in Philadelphia is fantastic - ranging from cheap eats to upscale. You'll never find an Indian buffet or a hoagie as good as in Philadelphia!

Patricia: After 47 years I moved back to Philly from Seattle, Washington this week.  I am a big city girl. I love the pulse of Philly. I love commuter trains, subways, and trolleys. The vibrancy of the classical and church music scene enticed me back. I'm mesmerized by the history of the city. For over 400 years Philly has been the repository for the heartbeat of freedom in our nation. I've come back to delve into that history.  Then let's talk about the food. Where else can you get the delicious melt in your mouth corn beef on rye with Thousand Island dressing in places except in restaurants the likes of what is in the Reading Market?  Philly is also the perfect geographical location on the East Coast to visit other major cities. This old girl may have moved for a while out of Philly. But I’m back because Philly never moved out of me.

Brenda: I love Philadelphia.  I think what keeps me here is the ability to get anywhere and do almost everything.  My children and I love to explore different and new things in Philadelphia when we can.  We love Pafa's Sunday arts program (free). We are starting to explore new restaurants around town.  One of my favorite sites as to what is happening is which pretty much can give you ideas what to do on the weekends.  The monument arts which we have taken photos with are amazing not to mention the mural arts around town.  It has so much to offer from the coding classes at the central library with EPAM to art classes at Uarts for kids on Saturday.  I have lived here my whole life and there are still things I need to explore in this city.  I also love the fact we have football team that does so much for the Autism community (close to home) and the community in general---GO EAGLES!

Sadae: I love Philly because of the people. You meet new people from any and everywhere. No two neighborhoods are alike, but we all somehow come together to share our love for our city and our teams. Old City as absolutely beautiful. It has so much history and it feels like you’re going back in time to relive how we became who we are today. The food. The parks, nightlife and who could forget the artwork that all around the city from diverse artists.

Elena: What keeps me in Philly is that I have a chance in this city, a chance to make changes, progress, art and have my voice heard in ways you cannot in other cities! In Philly, you can live a life- while paying rent, while pursuing your dreams and while working hard. Philly rewards you by being slightly under the radar- secret spots like events at Bartram’s Garden, Wagner Free Institute, Pavilion in the Trees in Fairmount Park, Cheap Sixers Tickets (less so now 😉) and the best and most underrated food in the US. Philly has gumption; Philly has gruff and Philly puts its head down and works hard! If you have an idea, in Philly, you can make it happen. I enjoy supporting others great ideas and working hard to make my own happen. I choose Philly over and over again because Philly gives me a chance to make my vision a part of the world.

Dorcas: Philadelphia is HISTORICALLY correct!!!

Mary: Philly has everything that a bigger city has but SO much easier to get around in (especially via public transit - thanks, SEPTA). I love Philly (not a Philly native), great restaurants, great venues, great businesses - it has it all!!!

Ruth: I would so love to visit my sister who lives in Phoenix Arizona. I live in Philly. We haven't seen each other since August 2016 when we both attended the wedding of our younger brother in Long Island, New York. I’m a breast cancer survivor. It would mean the world to both of us if we could be together for a little while. I love my city and travel by SEPTA bus a lot. I am 64 years old .Thank you.

Jennifer: Philly has everything. Pat's Steaks, the Pretzel Factory, the Spirit of Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell, etc. We are also the home of the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers. I grew up a Jersey girl but moved here in 1992. I LOVE this city and never want to leave! I love Philadelphia!!!

Rebecca: A historical city with charm, brotherly love, and soft pretzels!

Joyce: The atmosphere and the convenience of the museums and stores.

Lakisha: I moved to Philadelphia in October 2016 with my then 6-year-old son for a "fresh start" on life for the both of us. We both suffer from health issues. Him: ADHD & Autism, Myself: Fibromyalgia& Lupus. I know Philly has some of the BEST hospitals in the country & that's the main I came & now the main reason I decided to stay. We both have amazing family doctors & specialist. Not to mention we're both sightseers. We love riding the different routes, seeing different parts of the city & meeting different people from areas we ride in. I used to come to Philadelphia all the time in my early 20's to party, shop, eat, etc. I am now glad I made the decision for it to be my permanent residence.

Dennis: The arts, the dining experiences, the endless outdoor festivals, health care and transportation, the history. A city of many diverse cultures, it is uniquely placed as the center, between NYC and Wash. DC. A balance between two extreme cities. And the largest park-green space (Fairmount) in any major US city.

Robert: I moved here in 2000, after my mom's passing. Raised by my brother and his partner. Went to high school at Bishop Neumann. I stayed because of the culture and amazing food. I'm a chef.  This city has my heart.   I don't think I could ever leave.  Especially on a chefs salary. Laugh out loud.  

Karin: I've been here since February 2013, the reason I came here is my boyfriend. We met in a chat room online, listening to the shows being aired by the station I busted often. We started talking in chat, that led to emails, which led to our having live chat through Gmail and AOL, then one evening we had our first phone call, it last 5 hours but seemed like only 5 minutes. We continued to talk, text and Skype until he bought me a plane ticket for here. I came to Philly to meet him and ended up staying here with him, our anniversary is February 14, it will be 5 years this coming February.

Kim: This is the only City I have ever know mass transit stinks everywhere I never drove before I been taking SEPTA since I was 15 now 42 I go shopping it's just convenient  S is sweet E is for everlasting P is proud of Philly To is for Tender caring bus drivers A is for appreciative that's what keeps me here

Catherine: I love my city and would never leave. I love the diversity and culture that Philadelphia offers. Despite the troubles, it truly is the city of brotherly love. I will never forget the kindness I have experienced on SEPTA over the years. I left my wallet on the 2 bus and a kind person turned it in with all of my money and cards. One time, I had my wallet stolen by someone on the 3 bus. The police brought the contents of my wallet to my job the next day once recovered. Love Philly and love SEPTA, too.

George: Why Philly? Because this city has a rich history and loving caring people. That's how we get the name; "The City Of Brotherly Love". Als, I'm a huge sports fan and there is nothing like rooting for our sports teams. This year, the Sixers and Eagles are giving us something to be proud of and when we win the Super Bowl It will be an even more awesome place here in Philadelphia. I'm very proud and honored to be a Philadelphian and I know of no other placeIi would want to live. Also, we have the best transit system in the whole United States....Lol...No I'm not kissing up I'm being honest.

William: Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly love. SEPTA is paying it forward with their love by taking riders all over the city and see the beautiful city we have. SEPTA also can and will take you outside the city limits so riders can experience unfamiliar places not often visited. Relaxing and a safe ride tops off your tour. Sit back and explore courtesy of SEPTA .

Zachar: Philly is amazing for a food lover like me, I love being able to go out every day and think about where I can eat today. From Chinatown to Rittenhouse, Fishtown to West Philly, there's always somewhere new with incredible food. That's what keeps me here.

Samantha: I like Philly because it is not a busy city like New York. There are less people walking around in the city than busier people in New York. Philly has many cool landscapes like the wonderful Art Museum, Franklin Institute, Rittenhouse Square, Sister Cities Park, Penn's Landing, and etc. I like being here in the city of Philadelphia because I am a city girl who enjoys walking around to see a variety of places to eat, shop, or relax. I always take public transportation back and forth to the city with my monthly trail pass by SEPTA Regional Rail, Market-Frankford line, Broad Street Line and SEPTA buses.

Chris: Philly to me means the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection, The city of Independence & to me, the best Philly Cheesesteaks in the US.

Tia: I moved to Philadelphia for school nearly 10 years ago, but since then, I've stayed and fallen in love!  So, why Philly?

1. The cityscape is like no other.  Within a few miles, you can be running along the banks of a river, strolling between skyscrapers, or hiking in one of the largest urban park systems. 

2. You can travel the world without leaving the city.  It's such a diverse place and every neighborhood tells an amazing story if you are willing to listen and explore.

3. And what history!  Sure, the United States just happened to start here, but don't forget Monopoly, toilet paper rolls, pencils with erasers attached, and of course, the cheesesteak!

4.  Speaking of food... the Philly restaurant scene is like no other.  Whether it's a jury duty lunch at Reading Terminal Market or waiting in line to nab a seat at Zahav's kitchen counter, my tastebuds can't get enough of the variety and quality of cuisine. 

5.  E-A-G-L-E-S.... No need explain that one! 

Ashley: Why Philly? Philly is my home. I was born and raised in South Philly where there were old Italians outside on a spring day sipping coffee, conversing with one another, and smoking. I went to a Catholic school on 9th and Pierce Street. My high school was on Point Breeze Avenue. Philly has so much to offer. Even when I was 30 minutes to an hour away for college, I was always able to come back to Philly whenever I wanted to just by jumping on the Regional Rail. Philly is up and coming with new developments, new people from all across the state, restaurants, entertainment, and places to go for a picnic or a jog. Philly is not just popular by their famous cheesesteaks, but wherever you live whether it be Grays Ferry, Fishtown, Girard Estates, Newbold, or Point Breeze, you have everyone coming together as a community to make the city a better place. I don't think I could ever leave Philly unless there is a job opportunity outside the city.

William: Philly is where the action is.

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