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Location: Narberth πŸ“

January 20, 2022

Hey there SEPTA rider! It’s Leslie here and I’m back with a new SEPTA location. This week, I decided to take a Regional Rail ride to a quaint neighborhood just outside of Philadelphia - Narberth

Located in Montgomery County - Narberth is one of many neighborhoods on the historic Pennsylvania Main Line. Known for its walkable and charming downtown, Narberth has everything from dining, nightlife, shopping, and family-fun entertainment.

I made my way to Jefferson Station and checked the arrival board for the Paoli/Thorndale Line, tapped in, then headed to the correct platform. I was a tad bit early, so I took the time to look up the timetable PDF for my reference while on the train.

When the train arrived, I wanted to try something new and ride in the QuietRide car. The first car of trains with three or more cars is the QuietRide car. This only applies to weekday trains between 4a and 7p. If you're looking for some peace and quiet during your daily commute, head to the first car!

I boarded the train and took my seat. I didn’t notice much of a difference in noise level as most cars on Regional Rail have low or moderate noise levels. Big reason? All riders are required to wear masks which cuts down on the chatter.

It wasn’t until a young woman started to conduct a conversation with her friend who was sitting in the row of seats across from her. The conductor politely approached her and asked if she could speak in a hush manner and reminded the woman that she was riding on the QuietRide car. The woman apologized but unfortunately return to her original voice level and continued her conversation. The conductor approached her for a second time and politely asked that she lower her tone. He also suggested that she move to the next car where QuietRide car rules were not enforced. The woman apologized again and remained quiet for the rest of the ride.

The rules of the quiet car are simple:

  • Cell phones cannot be used for making or taking calls. You may text message/IM providing all phone settings are set on vibrate or mute.

  • All other electronic devices must be placed on vibrate or mute.

  • Earphones must be used to listen to music; set the volume low so that others cannot hear it.

  • Conversations with other passengers should be short and conducted in a whisper

Once I arrived at Narberth Station, I tapped out on the platform validator and explored the beautiful neighborhood. I took in the scenery and even took a short walk to one of our Perks Partners - the Great American Pub - where you can flash your SEPTA Key card to save 10% on food. I had the Dripple City Chicken and a side of sweet potato fries - why not!

Once I was finished soaking in the views, I made my way back to the train station. This time, finding my way to the other side of the platform was not hard. I easily located stairs that led to a beautifully decorated tunnel to the inbound side. I crossed underground, went up to the platform, tapped in to start my trip on the platform validator, and patiently waited for the train back to Center City.

If you use Travel Wallet on your SEPTA Key card, the cost of a one-way trip from Center City to Narberth on weekdays is $4.75 on weekdays and $4.25 on weekends.

If you’re looking to visit an area that’s calm yet full of life - take a trip to the charming town of Narberth! I took Regional Rail but if the bus is more your speed - the Route 44 also gets you from Center City to Narberth. Plan your trip here

And finally - to all the neo-SEPTA riders out there - if you find yourself on the QuietRide car - remember to respect the QuietRide car rules!