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Location: Glenside πŸ“

March 4, 2022

Hey! Welcome back SEPTA Rider πŸ‘‹πŸΎ! It’s your favorite SEPTA employee here, Leslie S. I hope you’re ready for a new location because I have a good one for you this week: Glenside πŸ“.

Glenside, Pennsylvania is a quiet, yet exciting neighborhood located in Montgomery County. It is home to popular destinations such as Roberts Block, Elcy’s Café, and the Keswick Village.  

A must-see attraction located on Keswick Ave is the Keswick Theatre. This theater is a privately owned theater that has been around since the 1920s. Its opening day was on Christmas Night, 1928, and has been nationally recognized as the most comfortable, acoustically perfect listening room in the entire Philadelphia market. The building was designed by acclaimed architect Horace Trumbauer, who was also the designer for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After learning all of this, I decided the Keswick Theatre was something I had to see.

Before heading out, I looked up the Glenside Combined Regional Rail schedule to check the next train arrival at Jefferson Station. The Glenside Combined is a schedule composed of all lines that go to Glenside and their times. The next one headed out was the Warminster Line. I grabbed my belongings and was on my way.

When I got there, I checked the Arrival Board to see which track I should go to. I was a tad bit confused because I saw the Warminster line on the board but wasn’t sure if I should be looking for a track that referenced Glenside. A fellow SEPTA employee who worked at the station could see the confusion in my face. He approached me and asked if I needed any assistance. I told him why I was confused. The employee seemed to know all the lines like the back of his hand and was able to quickly point me in the right direction. I thanked the man, tapped on, and went down the steps to the appropriate platform. My train arrived and I was on my way.

The ride was about 28 minutes long. When I arrived at the station, I tapped off and immediately saw Roberts Block. Roberts Block is an All-American restaurant and bar which is located right next to the Glenside Train Station. I also noticed the quaint coffee shop, Elcy’s Café, which is actually ATTACHED to the train station. I captured a few photos to document my journey then ventured off into the town.

I wanted to see the famous Keswick Theatre, so I looked up the directions on my phone to learn it was only a 10 min walk up the street. The landmark can be easily found as it is right off Easton Rd. Keswick Ave makes for a perfect “dinner and a show” type of night as it is also lined by many shops and restaurants.

After exploring the area, I decided to wrap up my trip and walk back to the train station to go back to work. I went up to the platform head back to Philadelphia and patiently waited for the train.

If you use Travel Wallet on your SEPTA Key card, the cost of a one-way trip from Center City to Glenside on Regional Rail is $5.75 on weekdays and $5.25 on weekends. It is also important to always remember to wear a face-covering when riding ANY SEPTA mode.

Whether it’s date night or a fun day with the kids, Glenside is the perfect place to visit. As the weather is getting nicer, now would be the perfect time to plan your trip