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Now Arriving: Philly Storied City

April 7, 2021

There's a new kind of literary pulse in Philadelphia - and more specifically in Jefferson Station!

The Short Story Dispenser located in Jefferson Station Section B - is a stand-alone kiosk that distributes short stories at the push of a (touch-free!) button. 

This is all thanks to Short Edition as part of their program Philly Storied City. Created in partnership with some fantastic organizations including the Free Library of Philadelphia, publishers, and nonprofits based in the Philly area, this is a community project – thought up by a community, for the community. Best part is - it's completely free! 

The stories offered are for everybody. There are three buttons on the kiosk - one for kids, one for adults, and one labeled "for everyone."

The authors of these stories are all local artists - from students to seniors.

You can see more author bios here.

The selection of stories, poems and creative nonfiction will be updated as more authors submit their work. In fact - you can submit your own story for consideration here!

As Short Edition explains on their website, “A city has a secret language written in its landscape. A discourse unique to its people, where reality runs up against fiction and stories are born... Philly Storied City is our endeavor to give place, or a physicality, to storytelling throughout Philadelphia.” 

Next time you're at Jefferson Station - stop by the kiosk (Section B) and pick-up a story or two. They are a welcome change from screens and a great way to do more with your commute!

Let us know what you think and what you've read in the comments below.