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Service Advisory | Lansdale/Doylestown Line

February 1, 2022

This weekend - Saturday, February 5, 2022 and Sunday, February 6, 20211 - buses will run in place of trains on the Lansdale/Doylestown Line between Glenside and Fort Washington beginning at 8:30pm on Saturday night through 5:30am Sunday morning.

PennDOT Construction Contractor forces need to perform a removal of an Aqua Utility Bridge associated with the Limekiln Pike Renewal Project. PennDOT contractor forces will demo and remove the main span of the Aqua Utility Bridge. This demolition work cannot be conducted while trains are running, or during the short night-owl windows. Couple this with the need for track occupancy to safely perform the work on this heavily trafficked section of railroad, necessitates the use of overnight busing.  

SEPTA work groups will "piggyback" this Out-of-Service window to perform work that cannot be accomplished during the normal last train to first train work hours.

Trains will arrive at Glenside Station at :18 minutes past the hour starting at 10:18pm. The Shuttle Buses will depart Glenside Station at :23 minutes past the hour serving North Hills, Oreland and Fort Washington Stations for a train connection to Doylestown departing at :48 minutes past the hour. This is 30 minutes later than the current schedule. We are only bussing two outbound trains. We will resume normal outbound service with the first train leaving 30th Street Station at 6:41am on Sunday, February 6, 2022. 

Last inbound Train #5571 will leave Doylestown on current schedule to service Fort Washington station for a bus connection serving Oreland, North Hills and Glenside Stations. Shuttle bus will depart Fort Washington Station 9 minutes later than the regularly scheduled train time. We are only bussing the last inbound train. We will resume normal inbound service with the first train leaving Doylestown at 5:28am on Sunday, February 6, 2022. 

Look for SEPTA personnel at Fort Washington and Glenside Stations for assistance in making train and bus connections. There will be sufficient personnel at both Fort Washington and Glenside Stations to guide passengers directly to any required train and bus connections. 

Total travel time for inbound and outbound passengers could increase by up to 40 minutes. Please plan accordingly.