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Positive Train Control Update

May 2, 2017

On Monday, May 1, 2017, SEPTA reached an important milestone in our safety program when we activated our equipment on the Paoli/Thorndale, Trenton, and Wilmington/Newark Regional Rail Lines and began operation under Amtrak's Positive Train Control system. With this completed, the last piece of our Positive Train Control program work will be focused on the boundary locations between the two systems - where SEPTA service abuts Amtrak.


A PTC compliant system can:

  • Regulate train separation

  • Avoid train-to-train collisions at track crossover locations

  • Enforce line speed continuously including temporary speed restrictions

  • Protect rail worker wayside safety zones

  • Regulate grade crossings that are out of service

  • Prevent a train from running over a mainline switch set in the wrong position

SEPTA is proud to be one of just a few commuter Rail systems in the United States to have PTC operating in revenue service. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation as we've worked to bring this important safety system to our Regional Rail network and we ask for the continued patience of our customers as PTC is introduced on their Line.

Regional Rail Lines Operating Under PTC

Warminster Line 04.18.16

Fox Chase Line 05.23.16

Lansdale/Doylestown Line 06.13.16 (Doylestown to Glenside)

Chestnut Hill East Line 07.25.16

Manayunk/Norristown Line 08.15.16

Chestnut Hill West Line 08.22.16

Media/Elwyn Line 09.26.16

Airport Line 10.10.16

West Trenton Line 10.24.16

Cynwyd Line 11.21.16

Main Line Corridor (Glenside/Fern Rock) 12.12.16

Main Line Corridor (Fern Rock/30th Street) 1.09.17

Paoli/Thorndale 05.01.17

Trenton 05.01.17

Wilmington/Newark 05.01.17

For more info, including a video overview of SEPTA's PTC program, click here.