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Positive Train Control Update

November 4, 2016

With the West Trenton Line now operating with Positive Train Control (PTC), in November, Cynwyd will be the next Regional Rail Line to launch PTC followed by the Main Line corridor - Glenside/south - scheduled for December.

Coordination efforts with Amtrak continue as we test and prepare our vehicles to operate under their PTC system on the Paoli/Thorndale, Trenton, and Wilmington/Newark Regional Rail Lines.

The goal for making this strategic investment is to enhance safety on our Regional Rail system by being able to:

  • Regulate train separation
  • Avoid train-to-train collisions at track crossover locations
  • Enforce line speed continuously including temporary speed restrictions
  • Protect rail worker wayside safety zones
  • Regulate grade crossings that are out of service
  • Prevent a train from running over a mainline switch set in the wrong position

We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation as we work to bring this important safety system to our Regional Rail network and we ask for the continued patience of our customers as PTC is introduced on their Line.

Thanks for riding SEPTA!