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Your Favorite Sandwiches

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Between cheesesteaks, hoagies, roast pork, and more, Philadelphia is certainly a city known for its sandwiches. Lucky for you SEPTA riders, you can get Perks at sandwich shops and restaurants all around town.

Looking for a burger? You have options galore! Head to Field House, Irish Pub, McFadden’s, Station Tap House, Trolley Tap House, or Doylestown Brewing Company.

A hoagie? Hit up Matt & Marie's, Trolley Car Diner, or Zio’s.

How about the classic cheesesteak? You've got Perks at Spataro's, Sonny’s Famous, and XFINTIY Live!

And what about something different? Get a hot turkey sandwich from The Original Turkey, a panini from Bellini Grill, duck sliders from Robert’s Block, or a lox sandwich from Fitzwater Street Philly Bagels

For our August contest, we asked you to tell us your favorite sandwiches around the area - and how to get there on SEPTA, of course! Below, check out some of our riders opinions on who makes the tastiest sandwich and the best way to get there on SEPTA. Some of you even chose Perks Partners

Joanna: Hershel’s at Reading Terminal Market has the best corn beef sandwich! My favorites are the corn beef special and panini. Located at 12th St. off Market St. Get there by SEPTA Buses, Regional Rail (at Jefferson Station), MFL, NHSL (connect to MFL), Broad Street Subway Line, PATCO (from NJ) and Philly Phlash! Best sandwiches ever!

Rich: Hot chicken sandwich at Whetstone Tavern is amazing. Take the 40 bus to 5th St.

Stacy: There are lots of sandwich places in town, but one of my favorite places is Woodrow's Sandwich Shop on South St.  I take the 57, and then it's a short walk to experience craveable sandwiches on the next level.  The ingredients are fresh and flavor combinations an inventive and tasty.  It also helps that the fries with malt vinegar are awesome!

Veronica Dee: DiNic's is famous for the pulled pork broccoli rabe with melted provolone cheese. In the Reading Terminal, you can get there by taking any bus along Market street like the 33, 17, 44,  124, 125, etc.

Linda: Chubby's for a cheesesteak. From the MSB building on JFK Blvd, take the 32 northbound, get off at Henry and Walnut Lane. When you get off the bus you will see the sign for Chubby's.

Isaiah: Max's on Erie Ave. Best cheese steak ever. Take SEPTA buses 4 or 16 to Broad & Erie.

Alexis: Now Philadelphia is great when it comes to hoagies and cheesesteaks but my favorite place to grab a sandwich is South Street Souvlaki for their souvlaki and gyros.  I hop on the Northbound 57 at Snyder Ave and a few minutes later I'm in Greek sandwich heaven. Opa!

Bob: Nick's Bar and Grille in Old City has the best sandwiches. Award winning roast beef or pork or their top 5 ranked bacon burger and the recently ranked best in Pennsylvania just can't go wrong. So easy to get to. Take the El to 2nd Street and it's literally a few stores down. Get SEPTA regulars on a daily basis too!!

Matthew: Joe's still has slices of rib eye steak fresh for the best cheesesteaks. Take the 66 bus on Torresdale Ave to Benner St.

Christopher: Hobbs Coffee in Swarthmore, PA. Hands down has the best breakfast and lunch sandwiches! Every weekday they sling classics like Bacon, Egg, & Cheese or Lox + Cream Cheese and lunch is a crazy selection of wraps (Mediterranean-style Hummus-based, Veggie Reuben, Turkey Avocado) and panini (Caprese, "Thanksgiving") and even Pulled Pork or savory Chicken Salad. Weekends, they push the envelope for rotating brunch specials (B.L.P., Farmer's Grinder). Best part is, they are less than a hop and a skip off the R3 Media/Elwyn line, Swarthmore Station... AND they have the coffee hook-up!

Crystal: Explorers Den. From my house I would catch the K to Chelten and Chew then catch the 26 or the 18 to Chelten and Wister. The chicken cheesesteak is the bomb.

Michael: DiNic’s roast pork with broccoli rabe at Reading Terminal Market. Take Regional Rail to Jefferson Station and it's less than a block away!

Julia: DiNic's Roast Pork (Reading Terminal Market) with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone is the best sandwich in all of Philadelphia. Nothing compares to the incredible flavor infused within this sandwich, accented by fresh bread and unique textures of the slow-cooked pork and not-quite-fully-melted provolone. Perhaps best of all is how accessible DiNic's is, as Reading Terminal Market is right next to SEPTA's Jefferson Station and is therefore accessible by Regional Rail Lines, the Market-Frankford Line (get off at 11th or 13th Street), and several buses and trolleys!

Amanda: A Tony Luke's cheesesteak during a set break at a show at South Bowl! G bus.

Matthew: My favorite sandwich spot in Philly is Tony Luke's on Front and Oregon. I'm a wiz wit guy, and for me I think their meat, bread, wiz, and onions are all perfect. Coming from Center City, people can get there by taking the BSL to Oregon, and then transfer to the 7 or G to Front and Oregon. Also, they're spots at CBP and the airport that aren't bad either.

Chance: Max's is the best! The line may be long but the cheesesteaks are great and there's a bar right next door. And a bookstore across the street! You can eat, read and drink. It's right at Broad and Erie so you can take the subway to Erie, or take the bus (16, 23, 53, 56, H, XH).

Rhonda: Torres Grocery at 26th and Lehigh Ave makes the best sandwiches. A large variety of fresh meats and salads as well as bread and rolls. Fresh toppings also. Line is always out the door. It's definitely is a hidden gem. In case anyone is willing to venture out you can hop on the subway and get off at North Philadelphia Station or get the 16 or 4 and get off at Lehigh and catch the 54 bus to 26th St.

Anthony: The best sandwich hands down is the Scrapple, Egg, & Cheese from Custom Bagels in Media, PA. I take the 101 trolley there once a week for one!!

Ashley: Café Coco has the best Reuben sandwiches. It's underneath 18th and Market inside the BNY Mellon Center. Just hop on SEPTA and get off the Market Frankford Line and walk to Suburban Station towards 18th Street. Or you can get off the Regional Rail at Suburban Station and head to 18th street. You can't miss it especially if you work in the building, they will deliver it to you at your desk! Don't forget to try their other items on their menu as well like their cheesesteaks.

Eric: If you're in the mood for some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine then check out Pita Chip located at the Avenue North strip located at Broad and Cecil B Moore. The Broad Street Line, 4, 16 and the 3 will get you there.

Christopher: Cosmi's on 8th & Dickinson St. You can take the 47 or 47M on 8th St. from Center City & beyond or from South Philly You can either take the 47 & go up 7th St. to Dickinson & walk over to 8th St. or the 47M to 9th & Dickinson St. & walk over 2 blocks to the best tasting & freshest sandwiches; where a steak or hoagie & other types of platters or sides; as well as soups & salads & they also do catering. They also have limited seating so you can sit & enjoy whatever you buy & have cooked fresh in front of you.

Nolan: Max's Steaks at Germantown & Erie, right off the Broad Street Line. Second best is Leo's Steaks and Hoagies down the block from Sharon Hill 102 station.

Rita-Anne: The pot roast, egg and cheese sandwich at Smucker's, in the Reading Terminal market. Take the El to 11th street or the 45 bus.

Brian: I know that Adam Richman said that DiNic's Roast Pork with provolone and broccoli rabe is the Best Sandwich in America a few years ago. And he was right...well sorta. I actually like the roast pork sandwich with provolone and spinach. And if you want to try both, the nice folks at DiNic's will indulge you and let you try a sammy with half broccoli rabe and half spinach. As an added bonus, DiNic's (and the other culinary wonders of Reading Terminal Market) are easy to get to on SEPTA. You can take Regional Rail, any green line trolley, or the Market-Frankford Line to the Jefferson Station at 11th & Market, the Broad Street Line to City Hall three blocks to the west, or buses 33, 38, 17 to 12th and Market, or the 42 to 12th and Arch directly at the north entrance to the Market. And other buses are just blocks away. And to get home or somewhere else in town, make sure to check out the (relatively) new SEPTA electronic transit board at the back of the Market so you know when your bus, train, or trolley is set to arrive.

Christopher: I think Jersey Mike's Subs in West Chester has the best hoagies, hot sandwiches and the friendliest staff around. Just take the 104 bus out to West Chester and enjoy a great meal!

Raina: I have 5 top sandwich shops I can give you 1) Au Bon Pain located in 30th Street Station (the herb chicken salad is amazing). I typically take the West Trenton line into 30th Street and stop there.  2) Dog and Bull (try their crack fries). You can get there using 2 types of public trains, the 128 and the Regional Rail service also goes there, the stop will be Croydon.  3) South Street Diner (the best, Gina is amazing and so sweet). I take the El and get off at 5th Street and usually walk up from Market.  I enjoy looking at the city.  4) Ishkabibbles located on South Street. Once again, I take the El get off at 5th and walk up.  5) Johnny Rockets on South Street. The El is life apparently because that gets me to all these amazing locations.

Doris: If you want a delicious and fresh sandwich go to Philly Deli Delight. Their sandwiches are prepared fresh as you wait, they slice every thing during every order.  Takes me back to the Deli when I was growing up. The location is 4670 Torresdale Avenue. Catch the 56 to Torresdale and Margaret and try one of those sandwiches or a hoagie.

Yuriy: Bahn Street in Roslyn is by far my favorite sandwich shop! They're at 1062 Tyson Ave in Abington and practically across the street from Roslyn Station that you can get to from anywhere by taking the Warminster Line! Gotta get the Craig LaBahn Sandwich!

Gail: The best sandwich place is City View on 3619 N. Broad Street. You can get there on Route 4, 16, or 23.

Natalie: If you're looking for a belly-filling sandwich on the cheap, my favorite is the Tofu Banh Mi from Fu-Wah Mini Market on Baltimore in West Philly! Only $4.50, though it's cash only. The sandwich is simple and tasty, with tofu, pickled daikon radish/carrots, cilantro, jalapeño slices, and some kind of Vietnamese sandwich spread. You can't go wrong! Just take the 34 trolley.

Shelby: Samwhich on 5411 Woodland Ave. The 11 trolley lets you off right in front of the place. All fresh meat and vegetables, no pork.  Can't just name one sandwich because I had a few and they were all excellent.

Danielle: The best sandwich in Philly is Phillip's Steak on 2234 Passyunk Avenue. All I need to do is take the 7 bus on 23rd & Morris to 23rd and Passyunk and walk one block over to 22nd street! It's worth the bus ride!

Anthony: Pagano’s on 8500 block of Ogontz Ave have the best sandwiches because the meat is fresh and they give you a lot of it. The 6 bus can take you there.

Dante: I will have to categorize my "best sandwich ever" selection to the sub-category  of cheesesteaks. More specifically, a Philadelphia cheesesteak. Drum roll... Dalessandro's Steaks and Hoagies, located in the Roxborough/Manayunk section of Philadelphia. From Center City City Philadelphia, the Manayunk/Norristown Regional Rail Line will bring you the Wissahickon train station. From there a 5-minute ride on the 65, toward Germantown-Chelten will bring you right to Dalessandro's.

Alexis: Max’s on Erie Ave in North Philly. You take the Broad Street Line and get off at Erie its right in front of you.

Ismael: The best sandwiches ever are at the One Pound Cheesesteak Factory located on the corner of Lehigh Ave.and Front St under the Frankford El. You can take the El right there.

Beverly: Larry's 54th Street near City Ave. Take the #52 bus from 52nd Market. Drops you off almost in the door. 52 bus also runs in Southwest Philly. Take 106 from 69th St Terminal, takes you to City Ave. Get off at 54th and walk one block! It's worth the trip!

George: The best hoagies in Philly are from Major’s on Ridge and Midvale Ave. The 61 bus will let you off right across the street as will the R bus. I believe the K bus drops you right off outside the door!

Jarbarr: One of the best sandwich spots is Lee's Deli. Lee’s gets my vote because they have a huge variety of sandwiches from deli cold cuts, to steaks, breakfast sandwiches and fish sandwiches. Not to mention they have some healthy things on the menus also and everything stays fresh with great service.

David: Fink’s Hoagies located on Princeton and Torresdale.  The 56 bus takes to the corner of Fink’s. Fink’s sandwiches are well known and have won multiple awards. One of the biggest awards he won was Best of Philly. My opinion the Torresdale is the best hoagie there. A nice fresh seeded roll, creamy garlic sauce, roast pork, sharp provolone, garlic, onions and a homemade long hot. They also have the best price around. I hope to see you guys there.

Tatyana: My favorite sandwich shop is MVP Sandwich. You could get there using either the 57 or the 47. If you're on the 57, get off at 2nd & Allegheny. If you're on the 47, get off at 6th & Allegheny.

Alexa: American Family Super Market in Narberth. The absolute CUTEST old man makes your sandwich with such care. I take the Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail from Ardmore to Narberth and it's three stores down from the stop.

Chris: U.S. Bar & Hotel in Manayunk has the BEST sandwich for the Sunday morning. It's called the Angry Bird. It's on a ciabatta roll... with crispy chicken, a creamy sriracha sauce, mozzarella cheese and long hots. You can get there via the R6 (Manayunk/Norristown Line) or the 27 bus. Also the 35, 9 or 65.

Yolanda: Old Nelson on 13th St.  Love their Cuban Sandwich. Accessible by the 33, 17, 48, 44, at 13th and Market or the 21 and 9 at 13th and Chestnut. Also Market-Frankford El @ 12 St. Walk one block turn left on 13th.

John: The McGillin's special at McGillin's. 1300 Drury street always get the corn beef always fresh and overflowing. Take the Frankford El or from 69st to 13 St. and walk one block south.

Dennine: Lou's Steak Shop in Norristown. You take the Market-Frankford Line to 69th Street, then High Speed Line to Norristown Transportation Center, and then catch the 97 bus to Main and Oak Street. You walk down the street a little bit and you are in front of the store. Ask for a steak zep or Italian zep they are the greatest! Enjoy!

Andre: My favorite sandwich place is Sonny's Famous Steaks at 2nd & Market (just off the Eastbound Market-Frankford El stop). Sonny's has great food and plenty of space to eat with a group of your friends. [Psst... You've got Perks here!!]

Annie: Nothing better than a Wawa hoagie on your way to the beach! Get off at the Broad Street stop on BSL to hit Wawa then hop to 30th and make your way to Atlantic City!

John: John's Roast Pork is my favorite sandwich shop in the city. The food is incredible, and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is friendly, but they know how to keep things moving. Nowhere else embodies the Philadelphia experience like John's. It's not in the most accessible part of the city, but it's within walking distance of the 7, 64, and 79 buses and it's well worth the adventure.

Melody: My favorite sandwich shop is Potbelly. They have delicious sandwiches and the meat and rolls taste and smell so fresh. I love the friendly and fast customer service they deliver. Their sandwiches fill you up and definitely give you a "POT BELLY!" When traveling to Potbelly on 16th and Market, you can get there by taking the MFL, getting off at 15th and Market, and walking down. Or you can catch the 33, 17, 44, 124, 125 bus routes.

Joe: I would say the best sandwich place for a hoagie is Keller's Market, located at 7964 Verree Road in N.E. Philadelphia. You can get there by the 24 bus that runs on Huntingdon Pike (rte. 232) and Rhawn St. You can also connect to the 24 bus at the Fox Chase Regional Rail station.  Enjoy that hoagie from Keller's!

Marcia: The best sandwich in the city is at Pagano’s on Ogontz Ave. at 77th Street.  Take the 6 bus from Olney Transportation Center and get off at Ogontz Ave at 77th Ave.

Joyce: DiNic’s at the Reading Terminal has the best roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and hot pepper nestled on a soft and crispy long roll soaking in the juices of the succulent roast pork.  So good that you can't put it down!  Located at 12th and Filbert, you can get the routes 45 or 23 going south towards Market street or north on 11th and Market street towards Arch or Filbert. Enjoy!

Lana: Barry's Steaks in Roxborough has the BEST cheesesteaks in Philly! You can take the 9 bus from anywhere along Walnut St in Center City and get off at Ridge Ave & Leverington Ave and it's a couple of stores down on the left!

Kim: Absolutely best sandwich shop is Lenny's in Roxborough. Fresh, giant size, use great local ingredients and a great value. The address is 6141 Ridge Ave.  What's great is a number of SEPTA bus routes go right by it; SEPTA Routes 9, 27, 32, and 35. The Route 65 also gets close; it turns into Walnut Lane.

Martin: By far the best sandwich shop is Cafe Square One in Old City, which I get to by taking the El. The best sandwich they sell is the Spicy Philly, which is has grilled chicken, avocado, chipotle aioli, spinach, and bacon.It's an extremely spicy sandwich that will clear your sinuses, but I still eat it about once a week.

Walter: Not that much of a sandwich eater, but the best place to me for such is Evan's Pizza at 4311 Locust Street (right next to a legendary deli, Koch's).  The meatball sandwiches there are excellent as well as other hot sandwiches. You can get there from Center City either by taking the 42 bus to 43rd and Spruce (either direction) or the 21 bus to 43rd and Walnut (from Center City) or Chestnut (from 69th Street) and walking 1-2 blocks over to Locust and a half-block west on Locust.  You can also take the 30 bus to 42nd and Locust and walk 1 1/2 blocks west. 

Liora: One of the best sandwiches is the grape leave wrap from Manakeesh in West Philly. It's a laffa bread spread with baba ganoush, wrapped around cucumbers and tomatoes and their amazing grape leaves. The best part is that it's under $5! Take the MFL to 46th St. to get one.

Emily: My favorite sandwich shop in Philly is DiNic's in Reading Terminal Market! I always get the roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone. At DiNic's, there's always a line -- so to beat the traffic and the lunch rush, I always take SEPTA. I hop on the Manayunk/Norristown line from my stop in Manayunk, get off at Jefferson Station, and I'm there! SEPTA keeps me from getting hangry.

Stephen: The Original Turkey sandwich a Reading Terminal Market. Everything is fresh, and it's great quality. You can take SEPTA to Jefferson Station and just follow the smell.

Marie: My favorite sandwich place is Primos on Frankford Ave near the Dunkin Donuts.  The meat is so fresh and the SEPTA bus is right in front of it.  I go to Bridge and Pratt and catch the 66.  I go there each chance I get. The pickles are great too. 

Rose: The best sandwich in Philly is D'Alessandro's. You can the 26, K, 65 and 32 to get your favorite best Italian hoagie in the world.

Marie: Catch the G Bus to the Food Center and get the totally awesomest hoagie at Melino's. You can also take the Broad Street Subway to Ellsworth/Federal or the 4 Bus to Ellsworth St.

Rose: The best sandwich is sold at Wilson's at Broad & Olney. You can take the L, 18, or the 26 bus.

Vivian: You can't beat Paesano's for Italian sandwiches!  Take the 47 towards Whitman Plaza to the location at 1017 S 9th Street in the Italian Market or take the MFL to Front & Girard for their original location at 148 West Girard Avenue.

Kathy: The Reuben at the Coventry Deli.  Take the trackless trolley to the 19th Street stop and walk one block to 20th & Market where the deli is (southeast corner).  BTW, one of the associates there takes the BSL from Olney Transportation Center to City Hall and takes the free interchange to the trackless trolley at the 15th Street stop.

Joshua: Pumpernicks Deli in Montgomeryville, PA. Take the Lansdale/Doylestown Line to North Wales then the 96 Bus to Montgomery Mall.

Andrew: The Foodery in Rittenhouse, not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, but endless great sandwiches. You can easily get there by the Broad Street Line or Market Frankford Line making it accessible for everyone!

Matthew: The best sandwich spot is a place that just opened up on 15th & Spring Garden. The place is called Stockyard. Amazing fresh sandwiches. You can get there by taking the Broad Street Line and getting off at Spring Garden. Or take the 43 and get off at 16th St or take the 2 northbound and get off at Spring Garden.

Polly: RyBrew has the best sandwiches in town and at an affordable price. Bonus: they also have beer on draft with growlers to go. My favorite: the Tucson, plus tomato! Take the 32, 48, or 7 buses from Center City.

Tunhi: Best sandwich in Philly is at Cafe Cuong in South Philly by 8th and Christian. Best Vietnamese sandwich AKA banh mi. Everything is fresh and handmade from their specialty Vietnamese ham - cha.

Dan: Jim’s Steaks at 4th & South. It is the best steak shop in town. Plus, having the upstairs to eat gives you a nice view of South Street and all the activity.

Charles: My favorite sandwich shop is Doc's Deli in Lansdowne, PA. Their hoagies and cheesesteaks are both huge and delicious, and they are easy to reach via the 113 from Darby or 69th Street!

Tracey: Debbie's has the best beef sandwich. You can get it with cheddar or juice. They have a half and half sandwich half pork and half beef. Awesome!!  It is located in Port Richmond. On Westmoreland street.  You can get the 89 or 25 and get off Westmoreland Street walk couple block towards the river. It's across from Gavin playground. It's well worth the little walk. I crave it all the time.  Enjoy you deserve it.

Andrew: Chubby's Fox Chase Deli, located in Northeast Philadelphia has got to have THE best hoagies/grinders! The best sandwich I ever had from there has got to be a seeded chicken parm! Get off at the 67 stop on Hoffnagle Street and take Hoffnagle down to Ridgeway Street and you're there!

Hafuz: Chubby's Fox Chase Deli. Near the 67 bus stop and the Regional Rail Fox Chase Line.

Heather: Hershel's at Reading Terminal has the BEST brisket special on challah. From West Philly take the Market-Frankford Line to 11th and walk one block.

William: Take the 56 bus to Torresdale and Princeton for Fink’s Hoagies for a great selection of hoagies.

Allyson: Koch's Deli in West Philly: come for the colossal sandwiches, stay for eat-while-you-wait samples of meat, pickles, and cheese. The best part of a Koch's sandwich is the conversation that comes with it! The 21 bus will take you to 43rd and Walnut, just steps away from sandwich bliss.

Samantha: My favorite Philly sandwich is a cheesesteak, of course! The best is with grilled onions and sharp provolone from John's. Just a short walk from the 25 or 64 bus!

Frank: My go-to place for Philly's finest sandwich is a quick hop-skip-and-jump away from the Fox Chase Rail Station.  As a truly neighborhood deli/sandwich shop, if you don't look close enough you could miss Chubby's.  The sandwiches are made fresh with the best meats and seeded rolls from Liscio's.  Personal favorites include the Old World Italian, Tuna Italiana and the Chicken Inferno 'Wit!  Those of you in downtown, take the Fox Chase line to the Fox Chase station or catch the 18 or 28 buses and get off at the same stop.  Along with your sandwich, don't forget to take home their delicious macaroni salad!

Although most opinions differed, we did have some reoccurring picks. Here were the most popular sandwich choices:

1. DiNic's Roast Pork

2. Max's Steaks 

3. Tony Luke's Cheesesteaks

4. Fink's Hoagies

5. Hershel's East Side Deli

Got your own take on who makes the best sandwich in town? Comment below and let us know!

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