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Happy 60th Birthday SEPTA! Part 2

February 8, 2024

Our month-long celebration of SEPTA's 60th birthday continues! Today - we're talking about SEPTA's home base! Above you can see a before and after of 12th & Market Street in Philadelphia. Located right in the heart of Center City Philadelphia – the 660,000 square foot property is now the home of SEPTA Headquarters. SEPTA purchased the building in 1993. Before that – SEPTA’s headquarters were split between 714 Market and 841 Chestnut Streets.

SEPTA Headquarters is home to the SEPTA Control Center. From there – dispatchers control everything from Regional Rail trains, the Broad Street Line, the entire fleet of buses, SEPTA Transit Police, and more. The Control Center operates 24 hours a day and is in constant contact with not only SEPTA employees all across the region but SEPTA riders themselves via the SEPTA App and social media. They do this by monitoring up-to-the-second information gathered by – among other things – 25,000 cameras throughout the system.

Of course - 1234 Market Street isn't the only place where SEPTA conducts business. We have nine districts across the region as well as a number of maintenance facilities. At these locations - our vehicles are worked on constantly to ensure they are safe and operational for our riders. - And of course - we have over 150 stations and nearly 13,000 bus stops!