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SEPTA Saves The Day: The Purrfect Rescue Story

November 7, 2022

Not all heroes wear capes – some wear a SEPTA uniform! Thanks to a few brave and helpful employees –the life of a sweet cat named Edgar was saved.

On Sunday night, 10/30, during his travel home with paw-parents – poor Edgar escaped from his carrier and ran onto the tracks of the Market-Frankford line at 2nd Street Station.

With trains frequently passing and tack leading in many different directions – Edgar’s safety and well-being was immediately put at risk. With little to no time to spare – Philly Paws, the city’s largest rescue partner & low-cost vet clinic, quickly contacted SEPTA and began sharing flyers at the station and putting the word out for help on social media.

Not too long after – the cry for assistance was soon heard and a cat-loving SEPTA employee named Ted was quick to lend a helping hand. Ted usually works at SEPTA Headquarters – located at 12th and Market but his schedule placed him at 2nd Street Station coincidentally. Thankfully for this coincidence – Ted noticed the commotion and was able to spot Edgar under the tracks.

Staff at Philly Paws prepared their rescue team but before they could arrive – SEPTA station Manager, Marvin, courageously climbed onto the tracks to save Edgar. Walking along the tracks can be very dangerous because there is a risk of touching the electrified third rail and should NOT be done anyone who is not trained personnel.

With clearance to go on the tracks – Marvin was able to save Edgar by rubbing his fingers together for a few minutes and encourage Edgar to approach him allowing himself to be rescued.

Edgar is now SAFE was taken to Philly Paws Grays Ferry location for examination. Vets have confirmed that he’s completely unharmed and healthy. His paw-parents are so excited to have him home where he is now safe and sound.