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Take SEPTA to Takeout

January 15, 2021

Center City District (CCD) recently launched a campaign to promote Philadelphia’s restaurants during the coldest winter months - January through March. The new campaign encourages the public to patronize restaurants – through takeout orders, because not all restaurants have been able to install heated outdoor dining areas and the return to indoor dining will probably be gradual when it begins.

You can make a difference by buying yourself dinner. That’s right. Many of your favorite restaurants really need your support and a great way to show your love ♥️ is by ordering takeout. You’re not only putting food on your table - you’re helping restaurant workers put food on theirs. So skip the dishes and #doyourpart.

And with 14 routes/lines than run 15 minutes or less in Center City - SEPTA makes it easy to takeout. Check out this list of restaurants, ice cream spots, pizza/quick service/fast food, bakeries, bars, and coffee shops and the SEPTA routes that "serve" them! 

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An assortment of restaurants, cafes, and fast-casual eateries are open for outdoor dining as well in Center City. And they are all - just a SEPTA ride away! Plan your trip here.

Bon Appetit!