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Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2021

March 17, 2021

Let's face it - SEPTA Operators, Engineers, and Conductors don’t have an easy job. For hours on end, these men and women work to keep a schedule, check fares, give directions, announce stops, assist passengers - and more. All while safely maneuvering an extra-large vehicle through unpredictable traffic, detours, tough weather conditions, some really tight spaces, and for the past year - a global pandemic.

We think you'll agree - SEPTA’s frontline employees - especially our Operators, Engineers, and Conductors - have proven that they are some of the most essential workers in our region.

Our Operators, Engineers, and Conductors [along with the countless other roles our frontline employees fill] are responsible for providing a critical service to our community—making it possible for people to get to their jobs, schools, grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies – and now vaccines. 

Throughout the pandemic, SEPTA Operators, Engineers, and Conductors have tirelessly done their part to ensure safe and reliable travel for those who need it - and they will continue to do so as the region recovers. 

We appreciate everything they do to keep us moving.

They are true heroes – and we must not forget that they are also mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, movie watchers, world travelers, home schoolers, Eagles fans, chefs, gardeners, shoe lovers, and more.

Please keep this in mind when you are riding today [or any day]. And remember to say “thank you” when you board or exit a bus our trolley.

Go one step further and post a photo of yourself at the bus/trolley stop or at the station or on the bus or train - using the #TDAD hashtag and tagging us at @septaphilly.

If you’re working remotely, please share your words of appreciation in the comments below - we will make sure they are shared with Operations.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day is an annual event to celebrate the public service of public transit vehicle operators. The date of March 18 was selected to commemorate the first bus line, Blaise Pascal's Carosses à Cinq Sous in Paris, 1662.