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New Transit Schedules

February 16, 2023

On Sunday, February 26 and Monday, February 27, new Suburban and City Transit schedules take effect for some SEPTA routes/lines. Here are the routes/lines with new schedules:

Most of the changes were adjustments to trip times to improve on time performance. Other than trip time adjustments, noteworthy changes were:

Route 93 will have additional service from Montgomery County Correctional Facility to Norristown on Weekday nights. 

Route 135 will have improved Weekday and Sunday service.

Route 311 will no longer serve Prudential Eastern Operation on Weekday mornings.

Norristown High Speed Line will depart 5 minutes earlier on weekdays between 6AM and 6PM to avoid tight connections with buses at Norristown Transportation Center.

For a sneak peek - please click here then select your mode of travel: Bus, Subway (for Broad Street Line and NHSL), or Trolley (101/102). Go to TIMETABLE and select the date (February 26) to see the new service schedules.

Please note the Market-Frankford Line schedule is NOT changing.

Regional Rail schedules also remain unchanged at this time.