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How to Ride - Bus

How to Ride - Bus

SEPTA operates over 120 Bus Routes with most routes in the City of Philadelphia proper. SEPTA generally employs lettered, one and two-digit route numbering for its City Division routes, 90-series and 100-series routes for its Suburban Division routes, 200-series routes for its Regional Rail connector routes (Routes 201, 204, 205 and 206 in Montgomery & Chester Counties), 300-series routes for other specialized or third-party contract routes, and 400-series routes for limited service buses to schools within Philadelphia.

Bus Routes serve a number of neighborhoods and even more destinations throughout our region. Routes are designed to connect at nearby intersections; along with terminals, loops, and transportation centers.

Routes running 24 hours a day are known as Night Owl Bus Routes. Night Owl Bus Routes are Route 6, 14, 17, 20, 23, 33, 37, 42, 47, 52, 56, 60, 66, 73, 79, 108, 109, G, and R.

Now let's ride...

1. First things first. Download the SEPTA App for schedules, maps, TransitView, and more!

2. Grab your SEPTA Key (Don’t have one? Click here for info!). Bus fare is $2 per ride; $1 per transfer if you have a SEPTA Key card. If you're paying cash, the cost is $2.50 and you must have exact change - the Bus Operator cannot make  change. Monthly and weekly TrailPasses and TransPasses are accepted as well as a One Day Convenience Pass and a One Day Independence Pass.

3. Go to your Bus stop or station/loop.

4. Board the bus. (Passenger etiquette tip: Let people off before getting on.)

5. Tap your SEPTA Key card on the "validator" located next to the Bus Operator.

6. Take a seat and watch for your stop.

7. To request a "stop", pull the yellow cord.

8. Exit bus.

Check Bus schedules to plan your trip.

Learn how to ride other SEPTA transit vehicles.

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