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Italian Market

Philadelphia’s Italian Market, which runs along about 10 city blocks on South 9th Street, is one of the oldest and largest open-air markets in America. Dozens of vendors line the street, selling the freshest vegetables, fish, meats, spices and produce from their stalls, while gourmet shops and restaurants occupy storefronts in between.

In addition to the vendors and shops, countless mouth-watering restaurants have located either along the market itself or nearby. Among these restaurants is "Cheesesteak Corner," home of two of the world's most infamous cheesesteak establishments: Pat's and Geno's.

And while the Italian Market has an incredibly strong Italian heritage, an exciting surge of international flavors has given the Italian Market new life over the past decade. Now, just as many people visit the market for Mexican food, Vietnamese fare, Korean barbecue and other cuisines from Asian countries like Thailand, China and Laos.



How to get there

Parking is scarce around the Italian Market. Hop Bus Routes 47 or 47M or the Broad Street Line to Ellsworth-Federal (short walk from there).


There are many ways to get here on SEPTA, there are also many ways to pay. Click here to learn which fare is best for you.