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Mt. Airy

Mt. Airy was incorporated into the city of Philadelphia in 1854. And like many other neighborhoods, it has held on to its separate sense of identity ever since. Unlike Germantown (with its connections to Colonial and Revolutionary history, for instance) or Chestnut Hill (with its history as a railroad suburb), Mt. Airy has a separate sense of history for different reasons, namely for all hard work that has gone to make it a diverse and integrated community that it is today.

Mt. Airy’s main thoroughfare is Germantown Avenue, which SEPTA's Route 23 runs up and down. Often referred to as just “The Avenue”, Germantown Avenue is the hub of the community and commercial activity in the neighborhood.

How to get there

The Chesnut Hill East Line services Mt. Airy, Sedgwick, Stenton, and Washington Lane Stations in East Mt. Airy. The Chestnut Hill West Line services Allen Lane, Carpenter, Upsal and Tulpehocken Stations in West Mt. Airy. Bus Routes 18, 23, 53H, L, and XH also serve the area.


There are many ways to get here on SEPTA, there are also many ways to pay. Click here to learn which fare is best for you.

Upcoming Local Happenings
Waiting for lefty 2

Waiting for Lefty

Quintessence Theatre

Grab your picket sign and get ready to march at Quintessence Theatre! Later banned in Boston and New Haven, the first performance of Waiting for Lefty by the Group Theatre started a riot. The mysterious disappearance of Lefty, the head of the strike committee, during a union meeting prompts a series of flashbacks that reveal the intensely personal reasons behind a group of taxi workers’ rallying call to action. With the fight for living wages and safe, equitable workplaces continuing to cause political debates, Clifford Odets’ iconic collage of the American working class illustrates the power of individual protest and the right to reform. Catch it now thru 2/12! Get there on SEPTA! Route 23 gets you there and it's a short walk from Sedgwick Station.

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Quintessence theatre
Quintessence Theatre

Quintessence Theatre is a classic repertory theatre company in residence at...

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