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As one of the ten largest employers in the Delaware Valley, SEPTA employs over 9,000 people in every area of public transit. If you are looking for an employer that's as diverse as the world in which we live, consider SEPTA.


The business of regularly transporting hundreds of thousands of people every day is a huge and complex undertaking. It can only be accomplished through the efforts of a well-trained and motivated work force functioning together as a team.

Here at SEPTA we live by the concept of TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More. In practice this means improving safety in the work place and enhancing the quality of service we provide to our customers. When we act as a TEAM, it shows.

Employees are provided with exceptional growth potential, competitive compensation and great benefits including: medical, dental, prescription, life insurance, pension, retirement plans, and free transportation on all SEPTA buses, trolleys and trains. SEPTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a drug-free workplace. Candidates must pass a drug/alcohol screening test.

We reward our employees through aggressive "promote from within" policies. Many of our mechanics, linemen and linewomen enjoy careers as managers and supervisors in various departments throughout the organization. And because of the size of SEPTA and our resources available, these promotions can be supported through our on-the-job training and formal classroom work.

Don't take a back seat in your career. Consider employment with SEPTA. Together we can build on our strengths and increase the value of our transit system for the people of the Greater Philadelphia Region. Click here to review current job opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion

As one of the nation’s largest, multi-modal transit agencies, our business is people driven, and we are committed to developing and supporting a diverse workforce that can work together to build a strong organization, meet the needs of our customers, and strengthen our service.

SEPTA supports a workforce diversity and inclusion program focused on attracting and retaining highly skilled and versatile employees and creating a work environment that encourages all employees to realize their full potential.

Workforce diversity means recognizing and respecting the differences that make each of us unique and valuing the importance of bringing individual talents together to meet organizational objectives. Diversity is defined as, but not limited to, characteristics including national origin, language, race, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and family structures. It also recognizes that the differences in the way individuals think and problem solve can be catalysts for business innovation and improvement.

Inclusion is defined as fostering a culture that connects each employee to the organization; encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness; values the diversity of our employees; and creates an environment where individuals from across the organization are able to participate and contribute their full potential.

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How do you design, overhaul and maintain a world-class transportation system in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States? You hire the best and the brightest people around.

At SEPTA, we employ a large team of electrical, mechanical and civil engineers, dedicated to a broad range of applications-everything from rail car and bus design to constructing tracks and signals.

Whether overseeing massive design and construction projects or providing just-in-time engineering solutions for operational challenges, you'll put your education and training to the test at SEPTA. In return, you'll not only receive very competitive compensation, you'll find the kind of real world experience that no classroom can deliver. What's more, you'll feel a great sense of pride in knowing that you're working on a project that your friends, family and neighbors will actually use.

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Transit Police

The SEPTA Transit Police Department was founded in 1981, when subway crime was on the rise. Since then the department has grown while the crime rate has dropped. In fact, serious crimes have dropped 91% since 1989. Today, the department is the fifth-largest in the state and is comprised of 248 sworn police officers whose primary responsibility is the protection of the millions of passengers who ride our subways each year.

Prior to undergoing formal officer training, recruits are required to pass a written exam, panel interviews, a 1.5 mile run in 12 minutes and medical, physical agility, polygraph and psychological exams.

Assuming recruits meet these qualifications, they will receive approximately nine months of training at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy or Philadelphia Training College alongside their municipal counterparts. Upon completion of this training, they will attend 40 hours of in-service training and orientation. Officers will also attend an additional 40 hours of training annually to retain their certification.

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At SEPTA, our most important assets are our bus, trolley and train operators. Few mass-transit systems cover as much ground as SEPTA. Our bus terminal and rail facilities are located throughout the Delaware Valley. SEPTA's Regional Rail lines even extend into Trenton, New Jersey, and south to Newark, Delaware.

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Skilled Trade

In order to keep the system running, we have a constant need for a full range of skilled craft employees: carpenters, masons, structural and track welders, HVAC maintainers, substation and other power distribution maintainers.

We also need well-balanced electro-mechanics and individuals with a degree in diesel repair technology or a solid work history in heavy vehicle diesel repair.

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