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SEPTA Key Advantage

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What is SEPTA Key Advantage?

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SEPTA Key Advantage is an employer-based, all-access employee benefit program. Employers with 500 or more employees can enter an agreement with SEPTA, which allows employers to load “all access” passes once per month to eligible employee SEPTA Key cards. Like any benefit program, employers would include 100% of their employees regardless of whether all employees fully utilize this benefit. Just like the Monthly Anywhere TrailPass, passes loaded through the SEPTA Key Advantage program can be used on all SEPTA modes, including Regional Rail, Market-Frankford Line, Broad Street Line, Norristown High Speed Line, CCT, and city and suburban buses and trolleys.


To Employee:

  • Saves employees on the cost of transportation
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Convenience of not needing to think about fare payment
  • Pass can be used for trips anywhere at anytime
  • Employee co-pays are eligible for pre-tax withholdings, further reducing out of pocket costs

To Employer:

  • Attracts new employees and reduces turnover – excellent recruitment tool
  • Helps support back-to-office plans
  • Decreases traffic and reduces parking shortages
  • Demonstrates commitment to sustainable transportation

How it works

Employers can work through their benefits vendor or set up an internal system to manage employee Key card data. Employees’ Key card data will be uploaded monthly to the SEPTA Key portal, with an all-access product loaded to the enrolled employees’ Key card. Participants can use a new or existing SEPTA Key card.

Cost Advantage

Standard Monthly costs of using SEPTA can range from $75 to $200 depending on employee travel needs. The SEPTA Key Advantage program allows you to significantly reduce per person transit costs by spreading the cost across your entire organization. Employers will start with an introductory price which is then adjusted to reflect rates driven by actual employee utilization of the program.    

Next Steps

We are planning a phased roll out with three tiers beginning Fall 2022:

Tier 1: Large companies with 500 or more eligible employees
Tier 2: Mid-sized companies with 50-499 eligible employees
Tier 3: Small businesses with less than 50 eligible employees

To apply, visit

More information will be available soon. To learn more about SEPTA Key Advantage, email [email protected].



Check out SEPTA's Press Release here.


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