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How to Ride - Norristown High Speed Line

How to Ride - Norristown High Speed Line

The Norristown High Speed Line (aka the Purple Line; the P&W; and Route 100) runs between 69th Street Transportation Center and Norristown Transportation serving the Main Line area in Delaware and Montgomery Counties. It runs from 5am to 1am, seven (7) days a week. During weekday peak periods (6am–9am, 2:15pm–6:45pm), the Norristown High Speed Line features express and limited services, which stop only at select stations, therefore decreasing travel time between 69th Street and Norristown. Norristown Express service, denoted by red destination signs, travels between 69th Street and Norristown in approximately 26 minutes, and stops at 17 stations. Norristown Limited service, denoted by blue destination signs, travels between 69th Street and Norristown in approximately 22 minutes, stopping at only eight stations. All trains share the same two tracks, so a limited leaving Norristown, for example, will be immediately followed by a local, which stops at more stations.  

Depending on where you start, riding the Norristown High Speed Line is a lot like riding the subway/elevated (Broad Street and Market-Frankford Lines) or a bus or a trolley. 

Now let's ride...

1. First things first. Download the SEPTA App for schedules, maps, TransitView, and more!

2. Grab your SEPTA Key (Don’t have one? Click here for info!). The fare is $2 per ride; $1 per transfer if you have a SEPTA Key card. If you're paying cash, the cost is $2.50 and you must have exact change - the Operator cannot make change. Monthly and weekly TrailPasses and TransPasses are accepted as well as a One Day Convenience Pass and a One Day Independence Pass.

3. Go to your station. If you're starting your trip from either 69th Street Transportation Center or Norristown Transportation Center, to access the platform, tap your SEPTA Key card on the "validator" located on top of the turnstile. If you are starting your trip from one of the twenty (20) intermediate stations, you will tap your SEPTA Key card on the "validator" located next to the Operator after you board the train. (Passenger etiquette tip: Let people off before getting on.)

Please note, most stations (except terminals) on the Norristown High Speed Line are request stops. Passengers wishing to board must push a button at the station, which activates a light visible to the engineer. If the train is scheduled to stop at the station, it will stop.

4. Once onboard, take a seat and watch/listen for your stop. Again - most stations (except terminals) are request stops. To request a stop, you need to press a button (located on the window) to request the train to stop.

5. Exit the train.

Check Norristown High Speed Line schedules to plan your trip.

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