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How to Ride - Trolley

How to Ride - Trolley

SEPTA operates eight (8) Trolley Lines: 10, 11, 13, 15, 34, 36, 101, and 102. Routes 10, 13, 15, and 36 are Night Owl routes, operating 24 hours a day. Riding the Trolley is a lot like riding a Bus:

1. First things first. Download the SEPTA App for schedules, maps, TransitView, and more!

2. Grab your SEPTA Key card. No card? No problem. Available in the official SEPTA App - SEPTA Key Tix is THE a convenient way to pay for one or up to five (5) people using your smartphone! Use a credit or debit card to download a QR-code “ticket” that can be read at fareboxes and turnstiles. Best part - SEPTA Key Tix gives families and friends traveling together the capability to scan once and pay fares for up to five (5) riders using a single barcode! In case you wondering - SEPTA Key Tix does not replace SEPTA Key cards - but instead provides a way for occasional - and regular - riders without a SEPTA Key card to enjoy some of the same benefits as cardholders - including a $2 fare and one free transfer per transit trip. 

If you have a SEPTA Key card - the (Travel Wallet) fare is $2 per ride; your first and second transfer is free. If you're paying cash - the cost is $2.50 and you must have exact change - the Operator cannot make change. Monthly and Weekly TrailPasses and TransPasses are accepted as well as a One Day and Three Day Convenience Pass and a One Day FleX Pass. These passes can all be purchased and loaded to a SEPTA Key card.

3. Go to your Trolley stop or station.

4. Board the trolley. (Passenger etiquette tip: Let people off before getting on.)

5. Tap your SEPTA Key card on the "validator" located next to the Trolley Operator.

6. Take a seat and watch for your stop.

7. To request a "stop", pull the yellow cord.

8. Exit trolley.

Check Trolley schedules to plan your trip.

Learn how to ride other SEPTA transit vehicles.

Quick Tips:

✔️ Strollers & shopping carts may need to be folded depending on conditions (except wheelchair strollers).

✔️ Yield designated seats to Seniors & Disabled Riders.

✔️ Drinks in containers with a resealable lid and light, small snacks OK on board.

✔️ Don't share your music - use earbuds or headphones.

✔️ Keep phone calls brief, talk in a low voice, don't use the speaker, mute the ringer.

✔️ Check that you have all of your belongings before leaving the Trolley. Be alert for unattended bags or items.

✔️ Stand behind the yellow line and move towards the back of the Trolley.

✔️ Stay on the curb until the Trolley pulls away.