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Get your car washed at SEPTA Stations

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Have you ever wanted to have your car washed while you work? Well, now you can at certain SEPTA Stations! Starting this month, SEPTA and WashLB are launching a pilot program at three Regional Rail Stations: Wissahickon, NorristownMedia and Elwyn. WashLB brings the car wash and detailing services to your vehicle, right where it is parked.

Over the next few week's representatives will be visiting each station to introduce the service. WashLB will then assign you a personalized vehicle ID using your vehicle color, make, model, and the first three characters of your license plate. Once you decide you’d like to give it a go, you will sign up through text message by texting the “location keyword” found on your vehicle ID card. Even better, thanks to SEPTA Pass Perks, you will receive a 20% discount off of the listed price.

Check out the different services [and the discounted price!] below:  

Look for WashLB at Norristown Station on February 14-16, and Wissahickon Station on February 23 & 24. 

Avoid waiting in long lines at your regular carwash. Instead of waiting for your car to be cleaned, get it washed while your vehicle waits for you! 

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