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Love is in the Air

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“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” - Franklin P. Jones

Love is in the air, ISEPTAPHILLYers. ❤️

Well, love and (possibly) flurries. Or floating debris from nearby construction. It’s hard to tell sometimes. But love. There is definitely love. And this weekend it grows strong with two - yes two - awesome events that will warm your heart [ ❤️ ] and touch your soul:

Mural Arts Love Letter Tour

This weekend, experience the power of murals by train on a Mural Arts Love Letter tour! Noted street artist and hometown hero Stephen Powers (aka ESPO) and crew, in collaboration with the Mural Arts Program, painted a series of 50 murals on rooftops that collectively express a love letter from a guy to a girl, from an artist to his hometown and from local residents to their West Philadelphia neighborhood. Best part - the murals are best seen from the Market-Frankford Line!

Many of the murals have recently been restored and even some new ones have been added, so now more than ever is this the time to take this exciting and unique tour. Each tour is led by a professionally trained guide that tells the stories behind these murals at different stops along the elevated train ride, as well as the 30-year history of the Mural Arts Program. To register for the tour click here. Be sure to check out this [lovely] Pass Perk before you do! Appropriate outdoor weather attire is strongly suggested - for the tour - not the Pass Perk!

Added Bonus: The love will continue as all Love Letter tour guests will receive free admission to the Sweetheart Skate on Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Dilworth Park Rothman Rink, compliments of SEPTA!

Sweetheart Skate at Rothman Rink

Dilworth Park welcomes Valentine’s Day revelers for its Sweetheart Skate this Sunday evening. Enjoy two-for-one admission to the rink, drink specials in Rothman Cabin and a complimentary rose for couples all while love-themed songs play throughout the space. Best part - we'll be there too! Look for the ISEPTAPHILLY Team in the Rothman Cabin [which is adjacent to the rink]. We'll have our prize wheel and SEPTA swag to give away.

Other best part - it's so easy to get here (and home from here) on SEPTA. Hop the Market-Frankford Line or Trolley Routes 10, 11, 13, 34 & 36 to 15th Street, the Broad Street Line to City Hall, Bus Routes 2, 17, 33, 38, 44, 48, 124 or 125 or Regional Rail to Suburban Station.

And finally, in case you haven't heard, we’re running a contest for those of you who met on SEPTA. Contest runs through Sunday, 2/19. Top prize is a March Anywhere TrailPass and a $100 Dunkin' Donuts gift card! We'll post a few stories between now and then but here's a few for inspiration:

Andrew: When I came to Philadelphia, it was a very stressful and hard move and adjusting to my new city was really tough, especially because I had given up my car. I ended up on the 9 bus from Roxborough to Center City every morning and every night. About a week into my new commute I noticed a really beautiful girl coming to the bus stop at the same time as me. We would always get on at the same stop in Roxborough and get off at the same spot in Center City. It took about two weeks, but I finally worked up the nerve to start up a conversation with her. I'm glad I did because we've been dating for almost four years, we have a great dog and we've traveled all over the world together! We're going to get married in August and it's all because we used the same bus! And, yes, we still take it together almost daily. ❤️

Judith: I met my husband Michael on Valentines Day at 15th Street on the Market Frankford Line Platform on Valentines Day 1972. He asked me what I did for excitement and I have to say that at first I was hesitant but then accepted his offer for a date. We were engaged by April of 1972. I was from Mayfair and he was from Port Richmond. The rest is history. We have been married since April 14, 1973 and have 2 grown children. It was fate that I was on the platform that day and also that it was Valentines Day. ❤️

Victoria: Michael and I met on the Broad Street Line on Labor Day weekend of 2013. We ended up sitting next to each other on the south bound train, talking sports rivalries (as Mike is a devoted Philadelphia Eagles/Phillies fan) as we eventually made our way to Morgan's Pier. Three years later, he would take me back to Morgan's Pier to propose, and now 4 years later, we are getting married in a Philly! Thanks SEPTA for introducing me to Mike on the BSL all those years ago. :) ❤️          

Matthew: Well I meet my wife on a SEPTA bus 25 years ago and now with 4 kids later we are still married! ❤️

Rebecca: New Years Eve 2014 into 2015 I was with friends riding the El to a party in Center City from 69th Street when a man walked on at 34th Street & sat behind me. I jokingly turned to him and asked, "Want to be my 2015 boyfriend?" He replied yes and played along. As I was getting off at my stop he asked for my phone number. Two years later we are happily living together. It truly was a Miracle on 34th Street! ❤️

Linda: This love story dates back to 1943. My father had been visiting a friend and happened to see my mother waiting for the trolley. The next day, he walked blocks out of his way to wait with her and ride the trolley to her stop. Then he had to walk many blocks back to get home. They rode the trolley together every day, and they slowly became friends until he had the nerve to ask her out. She had no idea that he was riding the wrong trolley just to be with her! It must be have worked. They were happily married for over 40 years. Although they have both since passed, I credit those trolley rides as starting their romance. ❤️

Jolanda: One day 4 years ago I usually take my car but that day decided to take the bus. I took the R and the operator that day waited for me as I was running. He smiled and as I asked him directions we locked eyes and knew it was love at first sight. We've been inseparable since and we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together and our family. If it wasn't for me riding the bus I would have never found Sammy the love of my life. Thank you SEPTA! ❤️

Damaris: Yes I met my true love on the SEPTA. I had just moved here from Orlando and I was riding to a doctor appt when as soon I saw her, her eyes hypnotized me. She just had that look that made me melt. I had to start a conversation with her. It's been 8 months together since then and I can say happily engaged. We are getting married on July 15, 2017. We are proud lesbians, One Love! Love wins! ❤️

Melody: I met the love of my life on SEPTA bus #33. It was chilly and we were sitting next to each other complaining about the heat not being turned on. Out of nowhere, he tells me I'm beautiful and he gives me a rose. We exchanged names & numbers and went out on our 1st date. Over wine & sushi, we talked about our future plans and decided to start dating. Ever since our 1st date, we soon fell in love, and now we are happily married for 2 years. ❤️

We've got lots more stories and lots more proof that you can find love - lasting love at that - on SEPTA. Happy riding!

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