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Route of the Week

Route of the Week - Mann Loop

June 25, 2018

For the Route of the Week this week, we’ll be exploring SEPTA’s Mann Loop! The Mann Loop is a special bus route created specifically for shows at The Mann, running only on show days at times corresponding with the show. The Mann Loop stops at 8 different locations in Center City and drops riders off at the front of The Mann, providing an easy and convenient one-seat trip to the show.

The Mann Loop pick-up locations are spread throughout Center City from South Rittenhouse Square to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. These stops also connect with a number of other SEPTA routes, so riders can easily transfer to the Loop.

Fare for The Mann Loop is the same as any other SEPTA ride-- it accepts ALL regular base SEPTA fares. So, whether you swipe or tap, you're good to go on the Loop! The schedule times for The Mann Loop change based on showtime, getting concert-goers to the entrance of The Mann with plenty of time to spare. 

If you're heading to The Mann Center for a show this summer, forget parking or other pricey alternatives and let SEPTA's Mann Loop take you there!