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ROTW: Media/Elwyn Line

May 2, 2022

The Media/Elwyn Line is a Regional Rail Route.

The Media/Elwyn Line begins at Temple University. It then travels through Center City, stopping at Jefferson Station, Suburban Station, 30th Street Station, and Penn Medicine Station. From there - it begins to head into Delaware County, stopping in Media and Swarthmore along the way, before arriving at its destination of Elwyn Station.

Connections at Penn Medicine Station: Regional Rail and bus Routes 1240, and LUCY.

Connections at Suburban StationRegional RailMarket-Frankford LineBroad Street Line, and Bus Routes 2416172731323338444862, and 124125 as well as Trolley Routes 10111334, and 36.

Connections at 30th Street StationAmtrakNJ TransitRegional RailMarket-Frankford Line, and Bus Routes 93031444962124125, and LUCY, as well as Trolley Routes 10111334, and 36.

Connections at Jefferson StationRegional RailMarket-Frankford LineBroad-Ridge Spur, and Bus Routes 17233338444747M4861, and 62.

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