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Location: Franklin Institute 📍

March 9, 2022

Hi SEPTA Rider! It’s Leslie here and I hope you’re ready for a new location because I have a cool one for you this week! This week’s location is the Franklin Institute📍!

As you may know, the world premiere of Harry Potter: The Exhibition is here in Philly at the Franklin Institute. This comprehensive touring experience has quickly become a top destination for all. The immersive experience reveals the artistry and craftsmanship behind the props, costumes, and environments from the blockbuster films of the Harry Potter series, as well as Fantastic Beasts.

With such a popular exhibition in town at Philadelphia’s most iconic science museum, I thought it was imperative to teach our readers how to get there on SEPTA!

For this trip, I decided to switch things up and ride a SEPTA mode of transportation that I haven't rode– the trolley! I was so excited to ride the trolley as it was something new to me and have never done before solo.

I headed down to 13th Street Station and didn’t have to check any trolley schedules because I knew all trolleys come to 13th Street Station so it wouldn’t be hard or a long wait to catch one. I also knew all trolleys go to 19th Street station which was my destination.

I tapped on at the turnstiles then headed to the lower level where the trolleys were. It was only a few short minutes until the next trolley arrived. I hopped on, took my seat, and was on my way.

I was only two stops away, so it was a very quick ride. I tugged on the pull cord to request a stop, got off the trolley and went up the stair to the street level. At this point, I turned on my phone GPS to get walking directions to the Franklin Institute and learned it was only an 8-minute walk.

When I arrived at the museum, I noticed several SEPTA buses drive by this location such as Routes 7, 33, 38, or 48. I thought to myself how convenient it was that so many SEPTA modes could take riders to this location such as the Market-Frankford Line, several trolley routes, and several bus routes.

I stuck around for a while to take photos and capture the beautiful scenery of the Parkway. When I finished, I headed back to the 19th Street trolley station. I found the Trolley SEPTA lollipop and began to head down the stairs to the sub-level until I realized something. I went back up the steps to double-check the flow of traffic to ensure I was on the side headed towards City Hall. I was entering on the wrong side of the street. Eastbound is towards City Hall and Westbound is towards University City. I crossed the street and went down to the correct platform. I was then headed back to headquarters in no time.

The cost to ride any SEPTA trolley, no matter the starting point, is $2.00 when utilizing your Travel Wallet on your SEPTA Key card and $2.50 when using cash (must be exact change). You also have the option to purchase a quick trip from a SEPTA Key fare kiosk. It is also important to always remember to wear a face-covering when riding ANY SEPTA mode.

Get ready SEPTA Riders and plan your trip here to the Franklin Institute and prepare to be immersed in the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter!