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ROTW: 23

April 18, 2022

Route 23 is a bus route. 

Route 23 begins in Center City - at 11th and Market Streets. From there - it travels north through Chinatown [mostly on 11th Street] - and then starts to head to the northwest on Germantown Avenue - stopping at Erie Station on the Broad Street Line along the way. It eventually reaches its terminus - or final stop - at Chestnut Hill West Station in the town of Chestnut Hill

One of the best parts of this Route is that it's a 15-15-5 route. That means - it runs every 15 minutes or less for at least 15 hours a day (6a-9p), 5 days a week. If you're going within that time period - the buses are running so frequently they aren't even listed on the schedule. You can see where it is in real time with TransitView - also available on the SEPTA App

It costs $2.50 cash (exact change required) to ride the bus - $2 if you have a SEPTA Key card with Travel Wallet and you can TRANSFER for FREE.

Connections at Jefferson StationRegional RailMarket-Frankford LineBroad-Ridge Spur, and Bus Routes 173338444747M4861, and 62.

Connections at Erie Station: Broad Street Line and Broad Ridge Spur and Bus Routes 16, 53, 56, and XH.

Connections at Chestnut Hill West Station: Chestnut Hill West Line and Bus Routes 77, 94, 97, and L.

Click here for our handy GUIDE TO RIDE.